One Day Chiang Mai - Mae Salong Loop

Nov 23, 2004
Well, I am new to this area and the forum. Also I am not really a rider at home in Seattle, but realizing a bike was the best way to get around CM, I decided to rent a little 125 Honda Dream. It has worked beautifully around town. After running the CM Moat "loop" for a few days I felt I was ready to get out of town. My first long trip on the bike was a four day hop over to Mae Hong Son, with an overnight stop in Pai. Not realising how long the ride to Pai took, I didn't leave Chiang Mai until about 430pm, which left me with about two hours of riding in absolute darkness on unfamiliar and as you know, quite bumpy and windy roads. Well it all went very well. After this trip I discovered this wonderful website and decided to challenge myself with the Doi Ang khang Loop, thinking I would take two or three days. I got up early on Sunday morning and left CM at 700am. I arrived at the Doi at about 1100 and by 130pm I was in Tha Ton, and by 300pm I was in Mae Salong. It was cold and deserted. After eating a crappy lunch at the Villa, I decided to return to Chiang Mai. I motored to Mai Chan and then burned rubber and made it back to CM at 730pm, again riding in darkness for over an hour. I think I covered almost 400km yesterday on this Dream. It was fun and I want to thank you for giving me the idea.



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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Sounds like you're really enjoying yourself & are getting some serious riding in, despite the bike - well done!
I have to wonder though, why not slow down a little & spend a few more nights away on the road, as just about all the towns are good fun, plus you'll get more time for photos & hanging out with the locals up-country. You dont always have to race back in the same day, or is the riding so good that you don't want to stop?
Either way, keep riding & many thanks for the report - they are all appreciated.

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