One month bike import permit ... possible?

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  1. From reading the posts it seems that two weeks is the longest period available on a temp bike import. Is it possible to get one month on entry or extend once your in?

  2. Thunderduck
    Only ever got a month temp import permit once & that was a couple of years ago.
    The best you can hope for is 2 weeks.
    Overstay fine is 200 baht a day, I think.
    I've overstayed on numerous occasions & only paid once - US$15 for a 3 week overstay.
    The Friendship bridge is strictest about enforcing the rules, & may collect a negotiable fine when you leave.

    The other provincial border crossings don’t seem to worry so much when you are leaving. I just left at Pakxan, was 2 weeks over & nothing was said. I've had the same experience at Houei Xai, been 10 days over & nothing was said as I was leaving. So overall I don’t think it is a serious problem.
    Right now the problem is getting in. See Link removed

    Have you been doing any riding in the North?
    If yes, any chance of some Road & Trip reports to share...

    Keep The Power On
  3. Thanks David for your comprehensive reply.

    Looks like a one month visa and take my chances on exit. If it hasnt rained recently Ill take a crack at the the roadworks out of HX and provide an update.


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