One Up North on 25th NOV - 25th DEC

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    Hai guys..
    I am new here. been hearing so much abt GT and finally, i am here.
    Run things short, the title says it, "ONE UP NORTH". and i have a month all by myself riding on my African Twin. would prefer my xr6 but... bloody mechanic screw up the whole bike last year and till now PArts are rare to come by....
    Anway, here are my inputs for the ride. Will definately try to contribute to GT as much as i can. And funny it is, After 13 years of riding, i felt like this is the Begining of my riding days...Tnx to many people here for the great riding reports and are my inspiration.

    Okie, wont waste any time, here is the trip date and location. Hope to meet up with GT personal. can mail me [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] would love to have a GT SHIRT :thumbup:

    25th Nov : Singapore, 2330hrs SUIT UP via MALAYSIA, Johor bahru leaves for Hatyai
    26th Nov: Hatyai
    27th Nov: Hatyai
    28th Nov: Hatyai..leave for Bangkok (TRAIN)
    29th Nov: Bangkok
    30th Nov: Bangkok leave for CAMBODIA, Siem Reap

    1st Dec: Siem Reap
    2nd Dec: Siem Reap leave Phon Penh
    3rd Dec: Phon Penh
    4th Dec: Phon Penh
    5th Dec: Phon Penh
    6th Dec: Phon Penh leave for Strung Trang
    7th Dec: Strung Trang leaves for LAOS, Don Kralar
    8th Dec: Don Kralar leaves for Pakse
    9th Dec: Pakse leaves for Vientienne
    10th:Vientienne Leaves for Vang Vieng
    11th: Vang Vieng
    12th Vang Vieng leaves for Phonsavan
    13th: Phonsavan leaves for Luang Phrabang
    14th Luang Phrabang leaves for Odoum Sai
    15th: Odoum sai leaves for Mae Sai (will pass throu Boten, Huay sai *Thai border*, Chiang Khong.
    16th: Mae sai leaves for Pa
    17th: Pai leaves for Mae Hong Son
    18th: Mae Hon Son leaves for Mae Sariang
    19th Mae Sariang leaves for Mae sot
    20th: Mae Sot leaves for Bangkok
    21th: Bangkok (TRAIN)
    22nd: Bangkok leaves for Phuket/Hatyai
    23rd: Phuket/Hatyai Leaves for Betong
    24th: Betong Leaves for Kl
    25th KL leaves for SGP.

    Just to let ya all know, i am having a small CHARITY CAMPAIGN. already bought some stationaries for the KIDoS in Cambodia.. but yet to have a REPLY from my source as where to or which school to donate the items to..

    Last but not least... Really appreciate if u guys can Add (in CLOLOURS) just beside my location.. a hint or two as What to lookout for...Places of Interest, Hotels *THE CHEAPEST and COSY* Food.. and places to chill and MOST IMPORTANTLY, ANY RELIABLE BIKE SHOP TO LOOK FOR IN CASES OF EMERGENCY/Bike servicing...

    P/S:And to Mr david, Seriously, would be glad to meet u and GT Members up... Somewhere Up North. :happy2:
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  3. burnjr

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    lets look to my blog [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] my ride frm kl to bkk/combodia/laos/vietnam..
    further more just email me [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    suggest u stop at Luang Prabang for 2 night.For Phonm Penh just stay for 2 or 3 days..
    any problem in combodia just get fLYINGBIKERS CLUB.THE OWNER OF SHOP IN PHONM PENH :happy1: :happy1:
    THE GUY WILL TAKE CARE U.. :take-that:
  4. Joemac_kint

    Joemac_kint New Member

    Tnx bro Really appreciate it bro :thumbup: . will look into ur blog soon. cambodia is where the chairty gonna be. My aunt is there so got to spend sometime with her fammily. so few days will be good to pump up more for mostly it be RIDE :happy3: , EAT, SLEEP, RIDE heheheh :mrgreen: ..
    ALso, althought its suppose to be a 31 days ride. but i dun really mind if it drag till JANUARY. so LUANG PRABANG can be a 2 nighter.. its all buffered.

    Yup heard of the FLYINGBIKERS CLUB. its a MUST to stop there.

    Once again. Tnx bro

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