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  1. Hey there,

    Planning to do a short trip from Chiang Mai to Mae Sot.

    Not looking to join a tour, and though I have bought and sold a bike in Thailand previously, I was hoping to just hire one this time. Does anyone know of any bike shops that might agree to one way hire from Chiang Mai? Long shot I know...
  2. Best to walk straight into the hire shops in cnx and try to negotiate as to how much they gonna charge you for picking up the bike in mae sot and as to where to hand it back (mostly some guesthouses where they know the owner). did this years ago on the cnx-mhs loop. at least it's worth a try. cheers, franz
  3. As a CNX bike rental owner, I will say that you are definitely on a long shot Danni. IF you did find a shop, it would cost you a bomb because they would prob factor in the following:

    Pickup truck rental - 1200/day

    Gas - Mae Sot is almost 450km from CNX so figure 900km round trip so at least another 2500 for gas for the truck

    Labour cost & possibly an overnight stay

    Lost rent on the bike.

    I'd say a conservative estimate of the "premium" you'd have to pay would be around 7 - 8000 THB.

    Sorry to p*ss on your fireworks and good luck in finding a deal! ;)


  4. Thanks for the replies Franz and Pikey.

    Sometimes my fireworks need a little cooling down, so that's OK. I appreciate the response.


  5. You're welcome Danni and if you are in CNX, pop by "Tony's Big Bikes" on Ratchmanka Rd and say "hello" (and that goes for any other visiting GT-Riders).



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