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  1. Any online insurance that insures you even if you ride moto?
    Local ones here in Malta do not insure you if you do extreme sport.
  2. For Insurance in Thailand the GT Riders use E Insurance Thailand.
    There are threads on it at ... frica,twin
    and ... frica,twin

    The email contact for them is
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  3. David,

    e-mailed the said e-mail a while ago and no reply as yet. Wanted info on joining the group scheme.
  4. Harri
    The group application with 7 original members is in with THI (a week ago.)
    Currently we are waiting acceptance from THI - they are checking the health reports submitted. Only 5 need be approved to form the group.
    This could all be "go" end of next week - 12th Oct at a guess?
    After that you can join, subject to health report submitted, for the stated premium mentioned in the thread. ... frica,twin

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