Online shopping from Europe of motorbike parts, possible and advisable?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Dodraugen, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. Dodraugen

    Dodraugen Ol'Timer

    Hello folks

    I wonder if its possible and advisable to order parts online from a shop in Europe and have a package sendt here to Thailand?

    First of all - will it get here?

    How long will it take approximately?

    Will a postal package have to go through customs here and will I have to pay customs for it? And if so - how much?
    I am thinking about a pacakage of small parts and worth around 150-200 €.

    Or would it be more conveniant and advisable to order these parts to my home adress in Europe and have a friend bringing them to Thailand later on?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    It will get here - slowly & more than likely be delayed in customs for assessment.
    Off hand you will get stung for 30% duty + 7% VAT, & charged on the cost of the parts , including shipping / postage.
  4. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

  5. Dodraugen

    Dodraugen Ol'Timer

    Thanks again for reply and info Davidfl. I might order the spare parts to my home adress in Europe and then get a friend to bring here.....
  6. mudboots

    mudboots Ol'Timer

    I think it's a mater of luck really, Only 4 weeks ago I had new gear selector seals sent from the States it was only a week for them to arrive. But in the past 2 years I have had UFO front and back plastics sent from the States motor parts from the UK as well as box's of motor parts,Top end, carby , footpegs , new expansion chamber and other stuff just about enough to replace everything on my bike sent and so far it's all gotten there okay with no tax added.
    maybe I am just lucky.
  7. mudboots

    mudboots Ol'Timer

    But I will say Guys I have addressed all to my Thai partner not to myself, so if you have a Thai partner put her name on the mailing address.
  8. Dodraugen

    Dodraugen Ol'Timer

    Name and adress with thai or roman letters then?
  9. mudboots

    mudboots Ol'Timer

    Dodraugen I can not tell if you are joking ? In my case I write her name in English.
  10. finnomick

    finnomick Ol'Timer

    Just had my Kawasaki clutch plates and springs arrive from the UK via a friend who was coming this way. No tax, no customs but then the parts were very small. Previous attempts within the last 18 months have involved customs and a lot of travel to and from the nearest customs office, about 160km round trip. Having said that, they've opened and examined the boxes in front of me, calculated import duty and excise duty but never asked for any payment. Prior to 18 months ago, it was very easy with the boxes being delivered to me not customs -- unless that is, the postman decided to keep things for himself.
  11. Dodraugen

    Dodraugen Ol'Timer

    I wasnt joking. I have been sending letters and postcards to Thailand before and those things I wrote english letters on did not ever arrive. The things I awkwardly wrote thai in did arrive. This was however to a very remote upcountry adress.
    Another thing is - how would customs react to a parcel with english writing versus thaivwriting?

    Just wanted to hear your experineces.....
  12. Oddvar

    Oddvar Ol'Timer

    I buy stuff from the US and Europe all the time, and send it to a Thai name. Maybe 1 of 4 parcels I have to pay a duty for.
    eBay from China and Taiwan is easier. Some of the larger companies have the option to pay Thai tax when you make the purchase.
  13. mudboots

    mudboots Ol'Timer

    Okay Dodraugen I am upcountry as well but I can not write in Thai tried once or twice but my misses just laughed at me :oops:
    Most Thai's have a very long last name in my misses case 15 letters ! and I still have trouble pronouncing her last name correctly.
    This is how I address boxes I send myself from Australia or if I order from anywhere else I will leave out the last name and change our address but its the same if you know what I mean.

    C/O Miss Jiranunt R.............k
    3/8 Moo. 9 Sukothai
    A. Mae Sai , Chiang Rai , 55599

    As I have said everything I have sent myself addressed to the misses and some boxes were close to 15 kilograms with a back sub frame back shocky and other parts tools and gifts in it all have gotten there. Same with everything else ordered China, Japan, UK and the States I might be just lucky I don't know, But I have not posted or have had large boxes sent from the beginning of coup a few months ago besides new oil seal gaskets for my gear select shaft but they are small got them in just over a week no problem.
    Last time I flew over had to buy a bigger suit case to fit my new 18in Excel complete finished rim and hub in it and that was 3 months ago no problem.
    Have a go the worst thing that can happen is you will have to pay the tax on your stuff.;)
  14. Dodraugen

    Dodraugen Ol'Timer

    Thanks for all answers and sharing experiences on this topic. Much appriciated.

    I have decided to order the parts in a thai friends name and have already done it. So now I just have to wait and see....
  15. mudboots

    mudboots Ol'Timer

    I will also add if you buy parts yourself and are sending them take them out of the Honda or whatever packaging and rap them in shopping bags or something, same if you are bringing them with you by air. If posting you have to write on a custom declaration sticker that will go on the box or packet never write new! Say used bike parts be vague in the description and if you are posting to your woman buy her some beauty cosmetics to add to the box and put them at top of list on the sticker.

    I am not saying this will always work but it's the way I have been doing it for years now.

    best of luck.:thumbup:
  16. Dodraugen

    Dodraugen Ol'Timer

    Probably some good advice there. However I ordered some spare parts from a german company and I myself am in Thailand for the moment so there is not much I can do about wrapping and marking of the postal package. I am just waiting anxiously now if the parts arrive and if I have to pay tax/toll for them.

    Thanks for the advice anyway! :)
  17. Dodraugen

    Dodraugen Ol'Timer

    Well - then the parcel arrived today, but I have to go to San Patong or something like that on monday to pick it up.

    Ordered the parts november 6th, parts were shipped from Germany 11th november and arrived today 22th november.
    Have to pay tolls though, around 3200 baht for a order of ~210 €.

    Guess I cant complain......

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