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  1. Neat here. I was looking for the Map Magic map of Thailand, which is for sale as a CD, downloadable to your PC's HDD. I use mine often, run the cursor upcountry to a place I've not been, write down the Lat-Long at the bottom of the screen, enter that in my GPS, and off I go. Been pretty accurate that way, since I've not invested in an expensive Thai map for the GPS.

    The Map Magic maps are put out by Think Net Thai, and are pretty good.. So googling for them, came up

    with which morphed to:

    Expand it a bit, chase all over the country, put down a placemark where you want with your own notes.


  2. Very nice, helps a lot scouting larger areas, which no fun on a GPS. Using bigger scales on the GPS results just in overlapping mapping lines with no detail at all.

    Have to figure out how to get the Think map to fill my screen.
    Wish Garmin would enable route planning not via actual names of places but ROUTE NUMBERS. EG 1088-1263.

    Thanks for the hint, Mac
  3. Great find, I have Map Magic, This one is easier o use and I do the GPs city to city

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