Only in Vietnam, how slow can you go


Nov 17, 2004
I got this from friend, seems like fun in a strange way.

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Good morning

This is of course an email about the second Chaly Rally to which we have just about planned and are finalizing as we speak.

So Far we have it down as a 3 day event with one day of rest and at present we have 8 teams of 2 entering. Let the games begin.

The second rally will commence and take the following route:

Day 1 – Friday 1st September

* The route will begin at 8:00am and we will meet in a small café out near Cu Chi, as yet to be decided.
* The race will then begin with each team being spaced out just 5 minutes apart.
* There is 2 sections to day 1 the first is a planed and mapped route to the back of beyond where you will have to take a few photo’s and finally take a ticket from a guy who will be based at check point Charlie. This route will take you over the rice paddies and dikes all the way through Quan Long Tan.
* The 2nd section of the race will include a straight forward cannon ball run from Check point Charlie to Can Tho, you may choose any route you want for the following section but rmbr it is the holidays and you run the risk of police if entering by road.
* The finishing point will be somewhere in Can Tho where ever the hotel is (as long as there is a bar).

Day 2 – Saturday 2nd September

* Once again the race will begin at 8:00am Sharp with the first team in from the day before leaving first. The days route notes will be laid down and a set route will need to be followed with photo’s taken for proof of the route.
* This 3 – 4 hour slog will take you to the Port at Rach Gia, where we will sling ourselves and the bikes on the ferry at 1:15pm and set sail on the 2.5 hour journey to Phu Quoc. We are possibly experimenting with the idea of getting a slightly later ferry and chartering it ourselves, yet to be finalized.
* Once on the island we will all head to Mango Bay beach resort which is on the north west side of the Island about 5km outside the main town. So far 10 rooms have been booked and the prices range from $15 - $50 USD per night.
* Then its probably into town for some dinner and an early bed, and hopefully some love from the misses who’s arrived on the plane earlier that day.

Day 3 – Sunday 3rd September

* The big event, the race around the Island. An early rise and shine will lead us to the start point at 9:00am. Once again the teams will set off at in 5 minute intervals with the over all winners at that point being first.
* Rohan a good friend of ours is planning the route now as he lives in Phu Quoc and says he will take us up hill down dale all round the Island. Once again it will be an orienteering setup much like the previous 2 days and teams will have to take photo’s of certain points in order to qualify other wise time penalties will be issued.
* The race will be about 100 – 130 Km’s and will end up at a watering whole that serves the amber nectar, somewhere in town.


Day 4 – Monday 4th September

* The day of relaxation. Once again our man Rohan is going to help us out here and setup a BBQ on one of the Islands glorious beaches, top quality sea food is readily available and good quality meat will be brought or flown over from the Main land.
* There will be an award ceremony where the various prizes will be given out and a good deal of booing I can imagine, this will be followed by some food, then swim and snorkel and finally ending up back in the boozer!

Day 5 – Tuesday 5th September

* At this stage Matt has booked a provisional 20 seats on the 11:55 out of Phu Quoc getting back in at around 13:30pm. However Paul is looking into the possibility of chartering a jet and had a number of contacts that he is going to research this week. That being the case I can imagine we will charter the jet late Monday evening to arrive back in to HCMC Monday night. Yet to be confirmed.

What we need from you lot:

1. I need a definite number of people coming, I need to know exactly how many teams will be entering.
2. Once this is done I need to know what level of accommodation you want in Phu Quoc, i.e. your team will share at $15 or your ball and chain is coming and you want the top suite. If your girlfriend is flying to Phu Quoc to meet you then please tell me as well as the wife’s club is being headed up by my Misses Jap who will arrange any flights and transfers for the ladies should they need them.
3. Then I need to know if your ok with plane leaving at this stage on Tuesday and we’ll provisionally book and wait for an answer from Paul on the charter issue.


1. The next meeting is being held at X Café next Wednesday at 8:00pm. I want at least one member of each team to be there so we can count numbers and make sure there are no stragglers. This time we will have photo’s of the last run as well as some classic video footage for the big screen.
2. On Thursday 3rd August myself, Dodge, Pat (Miss daisy), and possibly Paul and Mark are doing a reccy of the first stage of the route, your are all free to join should you so wish. Please only come if you a have a bike suitable or if you are riding your chaly make sure its finished, we need full pace to get through the notes etc.

Ok that’s it for now, please pass this email on to who ever you think it necessary ( not the rozzers Romain you tart ) and let me, Pat or Jake know if there problems. Our details are below:

Paul Norriss – [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] – 0909 609 581

Jakob lebstrassen - [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] – 0903 164 111

Pat Joynt – [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] – 0903 013 690

Our website will be up soon our good man Jake has prepared it and we will unveil it shortly.

Ride Smart, Ride Safe.