Oops!! ... I think I just did something really, really bad!!

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  1. So I'm at the Thai/Laos border on my way up from Kuala Lumpur and they are asking for the temporary import/export paper for my bike. Import/Export paper? What's that??

    I realize that other than buying insurance at the border I have no papers for my bike. So here's my question and a warning to others :)

    Any ideas of any possibilities of getting one here 2,000 km away. I'm afraid if I ask the guys directly they'll impound my bike. As it is, I just told them I need to go back to my hotel and look for it and they looked confused but let me go. I'm thinking of crossing Laos without the bike and then asking for the documentation at the border while keeping my bike parked at a hotel nearby.


    Driving up from KL to the Malaysian/Thai border I did ask if I needed anything else and they said no. Granted I speak no Thai and their English/Malay wasn't too good. Getting insurance 100 meters later provided no warning as they didn't ask to see anything like that. "Experience" didn't help; I've often ridden into Thailand but always stayed in the South - Hat Yai, Petani, Yala etc. I'd asked before and no one seemed to care, nor did any of the other motorcycle riders coming from Malaysia seem concerned about having more papers for your bike. Singapore to Malaysia is pretty easier and even easier in the other directions. Many other countries I've ridden to stamp the bike in my passport.
    I guess what I'm saying is, is that it is easy to do without realizing you are doing something wrong. Of course this forum does a good job of telling you what you need but heard about this forum when I got to Chiang Mai - and then if you are reading this you probably already know :)
    So now I have the stress that at any point in time I could be pulled over and lose my bike, go to jail... I have no clue what the consequences are and don't really feel like asking at the border on this side from home!
  2. Said this all along that Sadao simply doesnt care and doesnt check documents in the same way as other borders.. You have to make them issue it.

    I cant see how you could get a temp import anywhere else as this would enable people to fix a bike thats illegally here on overstay and that is a problem that some struggle with. of course it being Thailand money might work, or leaving the bike not there and simply telling the truth ?? I wonder if they understand and appreciate up north and east that the southern border simply doesnt do this in the same way.
  3. Rock up to the border, if they ask for your import paper tell them the truth - you were not issued one when you came in. Show them your arrival entry stamp. They might just let you go, or they might fine you for "overstay" in not having an import permit.
  4. Sadao Immigration is actually one of the better run entry points. They dont automatically issue you with bike entry papers - you the owner must apply for them. First you must get your passport stamped at the correct booth and then go to another 2 booths with your passport and bike grant fill in the forms and then you will get the entry permit for your bike which will be signed off by one of the officers there.The proceedure can be a bit confusing especially because Sadao is normally extremely busy with people and cars and trucks everywhere. Ive done it there hundreds of times but granted the first few times I was helped by other friends who knew the proceedure. The really slack border crossing used to be at Betong.
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. I'm in Laos at the moment without my bike.

    What do you think of the idea of crossing back into Thailand, getting stamped in, and then bringing my bike back to the border (its 2 minutes away) and asking for papers for it?

    David I like your idea for the Malaysian/Thai border; but if I confess my fault to them I'd rather be and have the bike 2,000 km closer to home!

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