Opening bank account

Apr 29, 2004
Im heading east towards the end of the year and would like to know if its easy to open a bank account there. I cant get any sort of credit or switch cards and dont fancy lumping about thousands of pounds. Let me the name of a good bank to open an acoount at

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Mar 15, 2003
Although you may get some advice on this topic here, I suggest you go to which has a large amount of info on these type topics. I can tell you I had no problem just going into the Bangkok Bank in Chiang Mai and opening an account by just showing my passport. ATMs are readily available in most areas of Thailand.

Dave Early

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May 9, 2004
I don't know which countries you're going to but I didn't have any trouble opening an account in US dollars (I think that's the only foreign currency that works though) in Cambodia (I'd recommend Canadia Bank). I don't have the account any more because it's so easy to get a cash advance with Visa or Mastercard there or at Union Commercial, with no surcharge. There are ATM's all over Thailand that work also. I've heard of foreigner's opening accounts in Laos also. The one I've heard the best remarks about is "Public Bank"