Ordering A Bmw Gone Bad

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  1. Moto Expo was on and I decided to go for that little 310GS Beemer. So travelled from Samui to BKK (which is a costy venture), went to the show, checked the bike and ordered it. I signed a contract with German Auto Chaeng Watthana, paid a deposit of 5000,- Baht and it was appointed that in 2 weeks I'd come to pay the balance and take her home. So again I booked a flight - Christmas time was around and flights were getting expensive. After about 12 days I received a phonecall from the salesman (his name is NARAPAT SEESIN), that unfortunately there was no bike for me any more. Yes, that were exactly his words. I said, pay me my deposit back and you'll never hear from me again. He said, that processing the refund will take probably 2 month. Quite funny isn't it?
    To this very day I have not heard from them nor seen a baht. It is now 7 weeks since I signed the bike. So be careful folks, BMW might be a upmarket brand but hey, here in Thailand they treat their customers just like a smelly street dog. I spent close to 20.000 baht in traveling expenses - learned an expensive lesson.
    Instead of filing a police report I decided to spread the word a bit, hoping that it costs them more in the end than that whole adventure cost me.
    In the end I was quite happy that it did not work out as they seem to have a few technical troubles with the little GS anyway. Some of them are reported here:
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  2. That is not good at all.

    I was tempted to buy a BMW back in 2006, when the choices here were so limited - having read your post, once again I'm so glad I didn't. It might be worth sending a letter to BMW in Bangkok, though I wouldn't bet on it.
    Fortunately for me, Triumph started selling here so instead of the BMW R1200RT I bought a Bonneville. The attitude of BMW here didn't impress me at all.
  3. Well thats Terrible! Sounds like either the Salesman did a Swifty with Your Money or the Company when broke? I know a few Guys who have brought the 310GS no problem and fast Delivery so definitly something going on not actually related to BMW! You should definitely contact BMW and give all the Details, Contacts and Names You have! I am sure Action will be taken!
  4. I had a similar issue with a pair of Alpinestars Gortex boots bought at the same expo. Sole peeled alway off after 4 times of use with no more than 200km travel. The shop wouldn't change or refund, only glue. I posted it on facebook in numerous biker groups and they called me the very next day offering a new pair if I would remove the post. "It will hurt our reputation", they said. No shyte Sherlock!
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  5. You could complain to BMW HQs in Germany & let them investigate.
  6. Complaining to Germany won't matter. Regardless of the standards in Europe, and its name, big companies couldn't care less if it is out of the strict consumer protection rules of their land.

    Alpinestars international didn't give a damn. My friend with issues over his Africa Twin who spoke to Japan and the UK also couldn't care less. Noting they can do.

    Your best here in Thailand is to cause a loss of face. As 99.9% of Thais are brainwashed by Facebook, that is your best bet and where it will get noticed.

    If you can locate him, this is the man to contact.
    Mr. Matthias Pfalz, President of BMW Group Thailand

    Stefan Teuchert
    President / CEO BMW Thailand
  7. I own a BMW bike and have had a few problems with the bike and most dealer would say that the problem is normal and it not a problem, i contracted Germany and was told to deal with BWM Thailand, which would never return call. After almost 18 month report the problem and nothing happening i posted on BMW Motorrad facebook page and with an hour BMW Thailand called my wife and was told to bring the bike to the dealer and they fixed the problem, but after so long with them not fixing the problem i believe it has done further damage to the head and cam follower on the bike, luck i got a complete head and cam assembly for a steal and will be replacing the head in the coming future.

    So social media does work to get a quicker response
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