Original Honda Xr250 In Chiang Mai (cambodian Plate) - All Include Package!

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    Hi guy's,

    I am Selling my Honda XR250 (from year 2000) with a lot of stuff after riding it from Cambodia to Thailand. Reason for selling is that I want to continue my travel by plane to Myanmar and India. The bike has been really reliable with no big issues. Starts immediately and shifts trough the six gears smoothly. Compared to regular scooters the bike is a little higher, which gives you more confidence while driving and good overview on the road. You will have loads of fun with the bike on the road, but also sandy paths are no problem with this bike.


    The bike has a Cambodian license plate and Cambodian card of registration. At the Thai border I did not receive any (import-)papers. That means you can not get a green book for this bike, which you are supposed to have. Still happy to sell it to people who like to use it anyway, use it as an offroad dirtbike or for the parts.

    What do you get for this package?
    - Honda XR250 with Cambodian registration card/book
    - Phone holder and charger :) very handy
    - Good helmet
    - Spare parts: inner tubes, clutch lever and cable, brake pads
    - Nice bikerjacket and gloves
    - 2 locks (including spare keys for the lock and bike)
    - Bungeecords

    Im asking 55.000 Baht. Sent me a PM if you want to make a testride!

    See you soon,
    Lennert (in Chiang Mai)






    IMG_9338 (1).JPG


    IMG_9343 (1).JPG


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  3. Dodraugen

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    Hm - can you get a cambodian plated bike into Vietnam and Laos?

    Would be a great buy if one can and want a trip in those countries...
  4. ntb

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    Is a nice bike. But a bit pricey for an illegal bike in Thailand.

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