OSM Map for Motorcyclists in South East Asia. (Nightrider)

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  1. G'day All,

    Oddvar recently sent me this link.

    This looks good..

    A GPS map for motorcycles.. Especially for those that are passing Bangkok and don't want to end up on toll roads.



    "This Garmin map was made with data from © OpenStreetMap contributors and covers the area shown in the image to the left.

    This is a map for motorcyclists and therefore roads that should not be used by motorcyclists are shown as grey un-routable roads.
    These roads are typically toll roads and overpasses over major intersections and primarily located in Bangkok.

    This map uses the English name tags by default, if an English name is not present the local name is converted to Latin characters. If you see a name that appears a bit garbled it is probably because it is the result of an automated conversion.

    OSM is free and not copyrighted with worldwide coverage. It is made and updated by it's users. Please use and distribute this map.

    If more people use OSM, more people will also in the end contribute to it. A simple way to help is to upload your track logs to OSM. If you want to help go to OpenStreetMap and sign up for a user. At this time not many people contributes to south east Asia so the coverage is spotty. All the main roads are covered in all areas however. The map data extract was provided for free by GeoFabrik. The OSM data, which is in a generic XML format, was converted into a Garmin map with the free mkgmap software. You can also download free worldwide Garmin maps from Lambertus."

  2. Thanks Brian.
  3. Is there a simple way to get the use the gmapsupp.img into basecamp ... when using a mac ?

    I can see there is a custom installer for windows .. how can I install the map on basecamp for mac ?
  4. Hook your GPS with the map up to your computer, start Basecamp and if everything goes OK, you should be able to see the map in Basecamp. The map can be installed in Basecamp but you will have to "massage" the map to make that happen as several additional files need to be generated from the original gmapsupp.img map.
  5. Nah, man .. It was easy. Nightrider has published details, I was just a little wrapped up in the original gmapsupp.img file but at the end of the day its the OSM basemap ( I guess we are missing all the waypoints )
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Go to this site .. Free worldwide Garmin maps from OSM
    [*]You will see this page ..  CtX0wo1.
    [*]Select a generic map  wRaZgAy.
    [*]Then, select 'Thailand' as the predefined country.  pPSu3sU.
    [*]It will select these panes for you automatically. OFGRe4h. We can see that it excludes a lot of Malaysia, Singapore and parts of Cambodia and Laos.
    [*]Check the box 'Enable manual tile selection' 0pQ5LDt. and click the panes to highlight them. I chose this selection ..  0ZdRhUE.
    [*]Enter your email and click > build my map. 09IbNyj.
    [*]You will be directed to a new page ..  jzFvQiF.
    [*]Pretty much instantly, you receive an email informing you that your map is under construction  mpCkrWV.
    [*]Then after 10 minutes - you receive a further email with a hyperlink to a DL page.  yLyJL9w.
    [*]Follow the link, you will see a DL page, click on the OS X installer and download ( The DL seems quite slow for 140mb, around 10 minutes )  bLur9G6.
    [*]Make sure you have Garmin mapinstall and after the OSM DL, click the file and it should open in mapinstall.
    [*]After mapinstall has done its job, restart or open mapsource and you should have a fully working OSM map.
    [/list type=decimal]
    If anyone can tell me if I have done anything wrong or if I have missed something, like I say, I doubt if this method will show the embedded POI's but I have yet to check in detail, I'm just happy to have more detailed maps for route planning.

    If anyone has any ideas how to extract waypoints from commercial files or nightriders map, I would be grateful.

    These directions are nothing new, I just re-captured the screenshots as of nightriders instructions, as I thought it was a bit cheeky to steal from another site.
  6. Bump for Goran asking about this map.  Also some other friends looking for a map with restrictions for bikes in bkk..

    It is osm with their own wrapper.. Will give it a try myself next time updating my gps map.



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