OT: looking for a ham radio location near CM


Aug 31, 2009
My other hobby is amateur radio. And hams like to erect what they call an antenna farm. Tower with antennas and long wires... It needs electricity but should be away from other dwellings. No plasma TVs nearby, please (man made electrical noise is bad). And a location like Pai is beautiful, but not ideal as the place is surrounded by mountains while I need either flat land or an opening towards N and a bit NW. I would love to be near a twisty road with many curves, too.
A hill top location would work out beautifully, too. Just wondering if someone has a suggestion? A fellow ham is going to erect a turning 60 m tower in the middle of some rice field. The place is Doi Saket I think.
Maybe you know the feeling? I'm tired of the Bangkok traffic and prefer the more relaxed life up North.

Please drop me a line when you know a good location!

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