Out and about on the 28th

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  1. I'm based in Udon the wife and I are taking a ride Saturday, don't really care where but I was thinking about a shot up to Loie. Should be nice and cool there. Let us know if you want to hook up for a ride. Really doesn't mattter to me where if want something diffferent is is OK with me.

    Let me know

  2. shame i won't be in udon again for a few weeks yet...
    ride safe.
  3. Not a problem at all I plan on being out and about for next four months just give a yell when your ready, we will go do something even if it'swrong[8D]
  4. Thanks for the email about this site Ray, signed up as you can see..

    In the UK until Christmas time but yes love to get out with youone day.

  5. I think thats great John I look forward to it[;)]
  6. Change of plans an extremley experienced rider suggested this I've ridden wiht him before and he knows what he is doing so I'm all for it. We will ride to Nung Bua Lampu, to Sii Changmai along the river and back to Udon.

    We will meet at the first gas Station past Harry's bar on the 0930.

    I've been on this ride before going the opposite way beuatiful ride somewhere around 5 to 6 hours.

    Not a hard ride so if you are novice, yuo shouldn;t have any problems and none of will mind waitng for you.

    Want to go be at the gas station.
  7. Hey Ray, just signed up as well me ol' mate.

    Looking forward to the day I'll be able to hook up with you for a ride, which could be a little sooner then I expected, flight tickets are now booked and we'll be flying back on Xmas day, landing Udon on the 27th, so hopefully will catch up with you then.

    Ah, and before I forget, I presume your planned journey will be bypassing Tha Bo, was going to ask a favour and have you stop by there to see if anything new is happening...just a thought :)

    Be safe.

    aka the BangkokButcher :)
  8. Thai Bo was alive and well, actually looked really busy
  9. Thanks for that Ray :)


    aka the BangkokButcher :)
  10. Will do Ray... [:)] (what ever I do... it's usually wrong [:eek:)] )

    A butcher on a bike? I guess you'll be catching that chicken soon then? LOL
  11. lol, ya never know Ray [;)]


    aka the BangkokButcher :)
  12. Well I gte my new bike on the &th coutesy of the White Devils M/C Th machaninc I have been raving about has went cpmpletly through it I can hardly wait. 1998 Yamaha 535 CC V-Twin in perfect condition. I need to gte out and oabout on taht one. Should be here in time for some riding when you get here.

    My Nephew just built a house in Sii Chiang Mai and bought a 200 from the guys so we will probably have a little company
  13. Sounds like a bit of a beast Ray, bet your looking forward to getting it out in the open.

    Hmm, so it sounds like your nephew is going to be a localish neighbour to me, will definately have to hook up at some stage.

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