over 270 km/h on public roads - video clip

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Klaus, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Klaus

    Klaus Ol'Timer

    Just received an unbelievable video in my mail of a "ghostrider" on a sportsbike (Hayabusa?) doing over 270 km/h on public highway, popping wheelies in front of following police cars and doing burn-outs - absolutely mad, this guy. It's called "Final Ride", the guy isn't among us anymore, he died at the age of 42 in a -you guessed it - road accident. But the video is unbelievable, and the soundtrack is cool, too. It's probably on other sites as well, but I got it off a german website called www.verficktescheisse.com, which translates to "f****g sh*t". All kinds of unusual, weird and interesting clips. Punch "ghostrider" into the searchmachine.
    Top of the hitlist is "Der Bonker", a musical clip where Adolf Hitler as a computeranimated doll is still at war in his bunker; the chorus sings: "Give up already, you old nazi-pig" but he says he'll never give up. Cute - that's how germans try to get over the guilt of the second world war, trying to laugh about it, 60 years after it ended.
    Also check out the drumsolo of the 12 year old black kid, unbelievable!
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  3. daewoo

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    I have 3 of the VCDs. In one of them he is on a turbo charged Hayabusa, in another he keeps doing burnouts in front of the Royal Palace or something in Stockholm until the police come so that he can get them to chase him.

    All very irresponsible and can only be watched in the dark at home alone so that no one knows that you enjoy that sort of thing... a bit like porn [:D] [:D]

  4. flyingkiwi

    flyingkiwi Ol'Timer

    hi havving trouble opening that german site....daewoo.. have u got the names of the..VCDs....will c if i can track them down...sounds like a bit of a hoot....cheers..
  5. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    If you do a Google on Ghostrider + Movie they will come up. Not sure if you can download them from a Torrent site as mine were given to me by someone who copied them themself... I would send you mine, but the quality is pretty terrible...

    I think the official site is http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOP ... hichpage=2 but being in Asia, it would be a shame to buy something that is actually original copyrighted material don't you think...

  6. flyingkiwi

    flyingkiwi Ol'Timer

    thanks mate..just having a look now....iam not in asia yet....iam across the ditch in the sheep shaggers paradice......cheers
  7. flyingkiwi

    flyingkiwi Ol'Timer

    found a trailer..its about 2 mins long....this guy is one loose goose.....no wonder he is dead,, if anyone wants to have a look.....goto...www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2684906..........put the sound up the bike sounds sweet..thanks guys...cheers
  8. Klaus

    Klaus Ol'Timer

  9. flyingkiwi

    flyingkiwi Ol'Timer

    thats it klaus,,,the link in your 1st post didnt work.. having a look now,saw the vid of him pulling a wheelie..in the traffic too,,must of been doing 200 plus by the way the bike was screaming,,,just been down to the video shop,,cant find the original anywhere here,good stuff,,,cheers
  10. Klaus

    Klaus Ol'Timer

    Did you check out Adolf singing in his bunker?
    Or the 'best advert ever?'
  11. Tomo

    Tomo Ol'Timer

    'www.YouTube.com' is an interesting source of videos (and is disturbingly adictive...!).

    Just search for any combination of Hayabusa, Turbo, Ghostrider or hamster.

    Oh yes, it's the orange hamster that you want (over 18's only).


  12. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper Ol'Timer

    I got the clip OK through Google but it wasn't the full run. The German site was a lot longer.
    I think we have probably all been in positions in traffic where we take risks and go for gaps that are not really safe and are exhilarated by the escape but that rider was right over the top. No wonder he struck out.
    The kid on the drums was great too wasn't he. Almost made the drums sound like a musical instrument ??
    It is addictive this stuff and even with the buffering I find myself watching "just one more". A real time stealer
  13. Tomo

    Tomo Ol'Timer

    Doh! Er, incidentally Peter, I wouldn't worry about the hamster thing....sorry [:I]

    Best wishes,

  14. flyingkiwi

    flyingkiwi Ol'Timer

    haha..just had a look at youtube,,,lots of fun,,,,,,buga late for work......AGAIN..........Cheers
  15. dotcom

    dotcom Ol'Timer

    http://www.verficktescheisse.com/index. ... host+rider

    Yeah he is one mad mofo. He must assume that those semi truck drivers can see him coming and move over a couple inches to let him between the trailers. I ride crazy - but I am sure that dude is pushing up dasies.
  16. flyingkiwi

    flyingkiwi Ol'Timer

    sent ghostrider to a few of my friends,,,told them i just bought a new bike,,,and that was me ,,,a few belived it,,,should of heard the coments,,,,,,crazy c...t,,, oh make sure to send one to your mum,,,shell have a blue fit,,,mine did,,,
  17. dotcom

    dotcom Ol'Timer

    My link above is no longer free. Sorry.
  18. dotcom

    dotcom Ol'Timer

  19. jesus wot a mad bloke......long vid...good sounds.....but no to clear...found the one a the german site s bit clearer
  20. solent01

    solent01 Active Member

    ah..... the infamous GhostRider...... Got all 4 DVD's on my PC, if you use Torrents search for them, they are all there, these movies are awesome (although I do not condone this behavour on the public highway), waiting for no.5, should be hitting all good Torrent sites within the next 2 weeks
  21. penetrator

    penetrator Ol'Timer

    Anyone seen this vid of a supposed Hyabusa turbo doing what I calculate from the revs to be around 240mph if it's not somehow faked.

  22. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    Did I see that right a whelely at 211 KPH, 130 MPHS. One heck of a bike, good idea to go to church first no harm in covering the bases. LOL

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