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Discussion in 'New Members' started by olionel, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Hello;

    I've been a GT-rider reader every now and then but didn't really have reason/knowledge to join. Until now. I am riding from UK to Australia on my Africa Twin with my wife. After Iran we had to ship to Dubai (couldnt get Pakistan visa) then on to Bangkok, in the meantime we flew to India and rented, same for Nepal. Then came to Bangkok, picked the bike up and now are riding anticlockwise, so from from Bangkok went to Poipet and headed in to Cambodia, two weeks ago nearly.
    In about 10-12 days we' should be entering Laos then after a few weeks back in to Northern Thailand using the 4th Friendship bridge if they let us through.

    I have some questions regarding getting tyres in Chiang Mai as my front one will be well shot by the time we get there. Would like a new front before we have a go at northern Thailand. I'll post the tyre stuff in the relevant section (if I can't find anything using search)

    All the best and might even bump in to some of you,
    Oli (our blog should be in my signature)
  2. Gday & welcome to GTR Oli - that's a fantastic bike you've got. The old AT, loved mine for 320,000 kms, but eventually the fuel bill was getting too great. Otherwise the "world's greatest bike" for me.

    For tyres in Cnx the guy to go to is Cockpit.


    He can get tyres up from Bkk overnight, plus do proper wheel balancing.
    GPS Waypoint: N18 45.212 E98 57.967



  3. Thanks David. I'll go there for fitment. I wonder if he can get hold of Heidenau tyres ? or Mitas. Ideally I'd like a Heidenau K60 (90/90-21). I have over a month until I get to Cnx so would it be possible to order one ahead. Not sure if Heidenau are available in Thailand (but they are in Singapore so should be possible to ship). Does cockpit have an email I can contact them on?

    Many thanks
  4. Hi Oli!

    Welcome to GT-R! Sounds like a fantastic tour you're on!

    Thai's generally aren't so hot on email so I'd recommend you call Cockpit at the number on the business card and inquire about the tires you're looking for. They do have a couple staff that speak quite good English and should be able to help you out.

    Best of luck! :happy1:

    ps. question for David- what tires did you prefer for your AT?


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