Overstay Fees and procedures? New Thai visa fees? GT- Lao Maps in Luang Nam Tha?

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  1. Just managed to cross into Lao 7 Days ago at Chiang Khong/ Huay Xai border crossing. I am driving a Honda Transalp bought in Pattaya with all the needed paperwork bought off a Falang. I used it in Thailand for almost 10 months now and i am very happy to be able to explore Laos on it!

    1. My questions are relating to the overstay fees and procedures, because i am planning to stay longer then 30 days and to go to Cambodia before reentering Thailand. Can anyone confirm from their own experience or recent reports about such fees and procedures as I have read on the website about an official fee of 200baht/ day up to a maximum of 2000baht and not to stay over 6 months. On the paperwork I have it states I will be fined 300,000baht if I overstay the 30 days....

    2. Also, I have heard about new visa application fees for double entry Thailand tourist visa in Vientiane but cannot find any official information.

    3. Lastly, does anyone know where I can find a Gt-Rider Laos map in or near Luang Nam Tha? I am travelling through Oudam Xai towards Phonsgali and lost my map today...

    4. Updated List for Mechanics on Big Bikes- Has anyone got one???

    Any help would be massively appreciated!
  2. Sorry for asking what is perhaps a dumb question, but how can you overstay in Thailand if you are not in Thailand?
  3. You can export a vehicle for up to a maximum of 30 days. Upon reentering Thailand they are supposed to charge you 200 Baht a day up to a maximum of 2000 Baht. I just need this to be confirmed, otherwise they may threaten me to pay a sum of 300 000 Baht ( the estimated value of a new bike) to re import. which by the way i had to sign on the export papers. would be good to know if it is all that risky to overstay...

  4. Confirmed. 30 days. Fine 200 baht a day. Maximum 2,000 baht. Enforcement is not consistent = T I T.

    Keep us informed & hit us with a trip report if you can.

    To buy a Laos map in LNT
    Try The Boat Landing
    Green Discovery
  5. Thank you so much! heading to udom xai today.

    hope someone else is reading this thread who had overstay experiences and could advice what to do. i guess there are a few local/illegal border crossings where i could bring the bike into the country. would be just nice to know if the police can track if the bike left the country or not.

    otherwise i could imagine it might help to have some sort of document from lao or cambodian officials stating that i was ill or involved in some kind of accident or i have been to an area where it was impossible to leave after heavy rain and landslides(e.g.).
  6. Your bike IS entered into the Thai Customs computer when you leave the country. I exited at Chiang Khong on one of my trips and re-entered at Huay Khong, turning in all the appropriate paperwork.

    Some months later, I again tried to leave at Chiang Khong and they said there was no record of my re-entering Thailand. Fortunately I have dealt with the good people at Chiang Khong Customs many times, and they took the time to find my original paperwork and make a number of phone calls after seeing my passport re-entry stamp at Huay Khong. They admitted it was their mistake and I was on my way. If I had entered, as you suggest, at some "local/illegal" crossing (wherever that may be), it would have been quite a different outcome I am sure.
  7. thanks, good to know. i wont try that then...

    does anyone has a good list of mechanics around lao

    just reached udomxai and had an electrical problem on the way. my honda transalp is 1995 and i believe it has something to do with corrosion at crucial switches e.g. ignition or engine safety switch. it has been raining loads recently and the bike got wet. when it suddenly stopped i was in the middle of nowhere and it just started to poor down on us.

    i managed to start the engine by moving the handlebars until it started. i had issues before when starting, but not frequent enough to find anything. this time it stopped while driving though.
    i am just planning to head up into the mountains to Pongsgali and it keeps raining hard on a daily base. well guess i have to find an good electrician and stay for a few more days.

    seems the road is difficult to drive on when its wet...but i really want to go...any opinions?

  8. The road to Phongsali is one of the roughest roads I have ever ridden, I hate it. I had a luggage rack, including the mount to the frame, break, and on another bike the stator went out. It is not that the road is so technical, it is a rock and mud surface. It just rattles and vibrates everything to death, including your body, If you have anything on your bike that is loose, including poor electrical connections, you are asking for trouble. Once you leave Oudomxai, there is nothing that you can really call a "city" and you will have little in the way of real repair shops.

    Get your problems sorted out before attempting it, or save it for another day. Here are a couple of links from my last trip to that area. I wouldn't do it in rainy season anyway.

  9. does anyone know more about the new thai visa? how much does it cost? is it possibel to get a double entry touristvisa as it used to be? i heard you could get 90 dyas visas. do i get still 14 days for free if i cross to thailand by land? thanks

    bythe way i am still in uodom xai and would like to reccomend a place to get bikes fixed.the only mechanic who would touch my bike is actually quiet good... been checking all the electrics and tightening valves today....has been a great experience. been doing it mostly by myself with soem instructions.good way to get to know your bike better ...
  10. Hi Faktorisator,
    If by new thai visa you mean the 15 days land entry one, yes it's still there waiting for you at the border crossing :)
    I'm not too sure about the multi entry tourist visa, sorry, but I don;t think you can get it at the border crossing, you'd probably have to go to a consulate or embassy for that - but don't take my word for it.
  11. Thanki for your reply. i knew about the 15 days one. i just wasn't sure for how long and how much you could get the new visa from the embassy. thanks
  12. Hi,

    Do you know if they sell Snake wine there ? The same kind as on this website:

    And also, what is the fastest way to go from Huay Xai to Luang Praban ?

    Thanks a lot.

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