overwhelmed newb.. please help!!

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  1. Hello everyone.
    please forgive my ignorance as I am simply overwhelmed with all of the information and trying frantically to make all the right moves.
    I am currently in South korea waiting for my business visa to vietnam.
    I will begin with my hopes and dreams and then you can all kindly take turns shooting them down or waking me up to what the reality is if at all possible:) please and thanks! btw i have been riding for many years so i really simply need help on routing this sucker and border info. I have an international licence and am planning on getting my vn moto liscence as soon as we arrive.

    My wife and I (me mostly) have been hoping to get a honda xl 150 or something of that caliber and ride at a relatively slow pace from Hanoi down the length of vietnam to hcm. We then hope to cross somehow into Cambodia then up into Laos and if at all possible into northern thailand..... Is this possible on one moto or would i have to sell it before getting to thailand? ive read so many conflicting articles and my head is spinning so fast i dont know what to believe.
    we leave korea and head onto china in about a week and we have a good 5 months to cover this ground and a bit more of asia through other means of transport but we could really use some pointers/ direction on how to make this happen.. specifically borders and documents making us legal wherever we go..
    Can anyone shoot me some honest help... our budget is not huge but its all we have and have been saving for years.
    thanks for your time and please accept my apologies as i know in some form or fashion this info is all here....
  2. Vietnam:-
    Depending on how long you will be in Vietnam.. You may want to do a rental for the period from Flamingo Travel in Hanoi.
    You will get assistance if needed on the road and a good quality bike.. Arrange to leave the bike at the HCMC office at the end of the trip..

    Thailand / Lao / Cambodia.
    Once you are done in Vietnam. Make your way to Thailand and buy a bike in Chiang Mai or Chonburi.
    These provinces seem to have more relaxed rules on selling to foreigners that are on tourist visa.

    You can take a Thai registered bike to Lao and Cambodia then sell it upon your return.

    Docs and everything needed to cross are straight forward and info on the forum..

    Hope that helps..

  3. brian thank you for your reply! so if i understand you correctly you are saying that itd be much easier after vietnams trip, whether i rent or buy, to buy a bike in chang mai as itd be easier to get into other countries ?
    my concerns with that would be that motos seem to be more expesive in thailand vs. vietnam, and we were hoping to stick to this route.
    i suppose im just hoping to get some up to date information on laws directly related to the route ive got, travelling through on one bike..
    lll do some more searching on this site, but i also patiently await anyones advice on the matter. thanks again for your reply!

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