own garage?interested?

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    hi there, are u interested about
    having own garage to fix and store
    your bikes, if / when u visit your own

    my own experiences about
    some thairepair shops are not so
    good, so nowadays i do all things by
    myself, and slowly :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: ,

    because dont have the all ''knowhow'',
    where to find parts etc.

    for example finding spark plug caps
    has taken f_cking many days !
    easy thing when u know,
    but in here pattaya , they say ''no have''...
    great !

    so if u are interested,
    we could find the place somewhere
    around pattaya.

    i will leave back to
    funland in the end of april
    and will be back thailand
    in july.

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