Paddock 1 year anniversary for the Alpinestar shop

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by brian_bkk, Nov 17, 2012.

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    Hi All,

    Dropped by Paddock today.. It is the 1 year anniversary since they opened the Alpinestar Shop..

    They have a few promos.. Must admit.. There is a very nice touring jacket I will probably get myself for Christmas :->

    First of all.. You don't get this too often in Thailand.. or any where for that matter..

    When I walked in.. K. Suwae greeted me and then immediately apologised.. for not giving me the correct discount last time I was there 2 months back..
    (I had no idea what she was talking about)

    Then she reaches in to the cash register and hands me 500 baht and apologises again...

    Very nice I thought.. I know not everyone has had a good experience there.. But I have usually found them to be honest and fair.

    Then as I am walking around they came up with a plate and the biggest prawn I have seen in years.. So I am standing in the middle of the shop tucking in to a delicious prawn...

    All the shops they have there now are looking really good.. 4 last count. Much more professional than the old days when it looked like Steptoe's house in side..


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