Pai- Mae Taeng - Mae Cho New Road

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    The new road linking R107 at the Pai R1095 turn off at Mae Taeng is about ready to open; & there cis quite a bit of traffic using the road already.


    The start at the R107 Mae Taeng end


    The road


    at one of the bridges there is some fresh cement & there is a short 200 metre detour around the bridge



    The bridge works


    otherwise it is all go, & about reeady to fully open I'd say.

    Total distance for the link up from R107 - R1001 = 2.5 kms; & if you're living off R1001 in the San Sai / Mae Cho area this may be the easiest way to get to R1095 Pai &/or R107 to Fang now.

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