Pai-Pa Pae-Samoneg

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    Pai-Pa Pae(1095) - Samoeng

    GT-Rider Pai-Samoneg.jpg

    GPS Make / Model:- Photomate 887
    GPS Track Name:- Pai-Samoeng.gpx

    GPS Track Recorded by:- Oddvar
    Start :- Pai
    End:- Samoeng. At the Noodle shop!
    Way Points:- 331
    Date :- 2013-5-25
    Season :- Rainy
    Conditions :- Dry

    Other comments you would like to add:- Pai - Samoeng 101km
    1095 is always a nice ride.
    From Pai, turn right on 1095 after about 67km at Pa Pae. Some nice coffee shops there too.
    There are many intersections on the way to Samoeng where you can loose your way/find new roads. Depends on your point of view!
    The markings are good, but in Thai only.

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