Pai to Kong Lom offroad trail

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    Riding Tom and Joes XR250's. The first few km of this road have been replaced by concrete since 2007. before it was a rocky and rutty few kms that sorted out riding ability and equipment quicky and early leaving an easy out back to Pai and the highway.
    We rode this road at the start of October 2010 , there was a 20ton digger that had been working on sections of the track parked about 10km in. It is still a serious offroad track with some steep sections of concrete that would be very slippy in the wet and some deep clay ruts and slips on the Kong Lom side of the miltary checkpoint, these are from the army unimogs. I have driven this road in a suzuki jeep also in 2006 but would not recommend doing so as there is little room to turn around if the road is blocked and some of the downhill rutted sections would not be passable by this vehicle going uphill.

    We stopped several times for photos and mucking around in the river it was about 3hrs total with no gas stops. A plesent surprise was as we popped out at Kong lom there was a festival going on at the temple, All the locals were out and about with stalls on the road, We were welcomed into the village with a few whiskeys by some very friendly locals, it was a shame to leave.94088523.pngt13sr.jpgt13h.jpg

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