Pai to Wiang Haeng

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  1. Looking at cutting across from Pai to Wiang Haeng without going back to Mae Taeng.

    My map shows a b road that cuts South to North from about KM65 on R1095 to Wiang Haeng.

    Anybody done these - any info on road etc would be appreciated

  2. 1. Doesn't sound like you've have the GT Rider MHS map, so that's your first prerequisite - get a good reliable map & check out the road classification.
    2. If you're on a Steed, like you claim in your other post, then forget it in the wet season & also probably in the dry.
    3. Read Big 'n Tall post ... t4115.html
    and you will see he was having a go at Pai - Wiang Haeng. Then check out the photos. Awesome stuff, but definitely not on a road bike, please.
  3. Hi meallem,

    If you are on a roadbike, the route is definitely NOT doable unless it's a Wave/Dream. A bunch of us did this last year in the dry on dirtbikes and it was pretty rough terrain. David's map shows it as dirt and for sure, it is!


  4. Thanks Guys
    I have a good map and it shows it as dirt - just wanted to double check how bad

    Did the Ho Chi Min Trail in Laos on a Baja for 10 days and will post details
  5. Yes but it doesn't say how bad it is? The GT Rider map says "4WD only, wet season impassable" & that's the difference with a good map; but this is the Pai - Muang Ngoi - Wiang Haeng road. If you're talking about a road 65 kms along R1095 then my guess is your actually talking about the Huay Nam Dang - Sam Mun - Wiang Haeng rd, which is not on the GT Rider MHS loop map. There are however a couple of trip reports on it from Happy Feet I think.
    Either way if you're on a Honda Steed road bike -forget it in the wet season.

    Sounds like a great trip you must have had a good time. So love to see a report with photos, if you can.
  6. I did this road a few weeks ago...Huay Nam Dang - Sam Mun - Wiang Haeng.

    Is it makeable on a streetbike? In the dry season most likely but it would be a slow pace and not enjoyable riding doing it, and a lot of work. You have to decide, is it worth it? you also have to be a rider who is confident and capable on a bike since you would be taking a streetbike out of its natural terrain. Its also not just 5 km's long either, its quite a bit longer. Its OK from the 1095 to Doi Chiang but as you get farther along it can get a bit rougher. In the current rainy season conditions I would not recommend it at all. It will be really slick especially on the Wiang haeng end of the trail.

    Oh and don't take a wrong turn onto the singletrack trail, it would be bloody ugly.
  7. Thanks David,
    Yup looking at the road that cuts through Ban Sam Muen (shown as dirt track on my map)
    guess I need to get back to working at buy myself a off-roader as well!!!!
  8. Sam Muen to Wiang Haeng is already tough on an offroad bike while still dry, once wet is just slipping and sliding. Did this on the Beemer and nearly hit the dirt several times. Sam Muen to Huay Num Dang is easier but a No-No for any other than a dirt bike in the wet season. Cheers, Franz
  9. Good advice Franz.

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