Paint Protection Film


Oct 16, 2011
Any idea where this can be bought.. clear protective film that has excellent abrasion resistance to go over tail areas to prevent tail bag from scratching....


Jan 31, 2005
13° 50.181'N 100° 39.879'E Open 0800 - 1800

Ram Intra Road in BKK. If you are coming from the outer ring and heading west on Ram Intra, it will be on your left right before the road splits off to the overpass, or under it. They cover cars, bikes, and anything with film. They will cover your whole bike for you, or just the parts you want. It is not super cheap, but not super expensive either.

You might also consider this amazing tape I used on my plane...and now will use on just about anything! Not cheap, but worth every penny!

This stuff is extremely easy to work with. You can actually spray the surface with water to get it positioned right. 1 inch and 2 inch tape you don't really need the water, but for 4 inches it helps. As easy as this stuff is to work with, I can not slice it with a brand new X-Acto knife or razor. Use sharp sissors. It is tough as hell, very glossy, and you can hardly see it.