Pak Bang Houay Hai need information

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  1. Anyone knows information about the new road between Pak Beng and Houay Xai ? How many km ? :D
  2. I forget the KM's but its about a four hour ride on a motorbike including lunch, drink, and fuel stops last time I did it a few months ago.
  3. Note. The ferrys from Luang Phabang and Houay Xai arrive in Pak Beng around 5pm. So make sure you get there before that, or you wont get a room.
    As BignTall said, about 4 hours on he's KTM. (3 and a half hours KLX/XR)

    Cheers Rex
  4. Hahaha, Love it Rex!!!!

    But if you rush through you miss some of the sites, scenic vistas, and flowers. Here I am stopping to smell the roses about 1/2 way to Pak Beng.


    Great point Rex on making it to Pak Beng before the boats for a room.
  5. As BignTall said, about 4 hours on he's KTM. (3 and a half hours KLX/XR) Ok we did it in 3 hours 7 bikes Honda XLR nice route pictures coming....
  6. Just got back from doing it. One piece of advice I would add is if you cannot clear all border crossing stuff before noon stay in Pak Beng for the night. We tried to push through to OudomXai and we made it, but the last hour or so it was in darkness, cold and I had bugs everywhere. Plus you miss all the sights of a great road.

    Another note the restaurant in Pak Beng where we stopped to have a late lunch told me the river is too low now for all the Mekong boat trips so you probably won't have to worry about getting a room.

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