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  1. DavidFL

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    Nana Guesthouse


    Air con - fan. Hot Water. TV




    80,000 kip a night.
    Good value for money, although no under cover parking.
    Up on the hill over looking town.
    Good if you want to wake up real early because it is right next to the local radio station that blasts out the town morning news starting from just after first light (it seems.)
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  3. TonyBKK

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    Saiyadeth guest house in Pak Lai, Laos! Not nearly as deadly as it sounds! :mrgreen:

    Great location directly across the street from a fantastic Lao restaurant on the shore of the mighty Mekong River.

    50,000 kip/night for big clean rooms with hot water and fan. 80,000 kip/night for aircon room.
  4. Jurgen

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    I will post a longer “Pak Lai” report later on, but, for the time being, I just add the reference to Nana Guesthouse (the same place as David) and two other guesthouses who are the only places (by now) to offer WIFI connections.

    The head of Pak Lai’s tourist organization told me that the city has five good guesthouses (there in no hotel yet) in the city. All the one referenced in this threat seem appropriate for a biker’s night.

    Prices are all close together and under 400 THB (100’000 Kip):

    Nana guesthouse, slightly uphill:



    Pousome Guesthouse (with WIFI), on the road near to the river and close to the pier:


    Sichampa Guesthouse (with WIFI) (South of town, direction of bus station)

  5. TonyBKK

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    Wow, there are places with WiFi in Pak Lay?! I'd never have guessed it!

    My general experience with WiFi in Laos is that it's usually so incredibly slow that you're better off buying a SIM card and data plan from one of the Lao telecoms as 3G coverage is quite good throughout the country and data is really cheap.

    This time I used Lao Telecom's Ah Lo 3G and it was a bit of a pain to set it up, but once working I was happy with it. I know Brian had a lot of headaches setting up his data plan too, but don't recall which company he used...
  6. Javawa

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    Guess that the Head of the Pak Lai Tourist Organization should get more out as there are quite a few more places to stay including hotels and resorts: The Duangchai Phet Hotel almost opposite the Sandee Restaurant at the main junction in town, the Merimar/Maydee Resort and Food Garden and the Mitthaphap Resort and Restaurant both quite close to the bus station and the Nam Ping resort a few kilometer north of Pak Lai. I am not vouching for the quality of these places, just mention them. In addition there is the Pa Do guesthouse with reasonable WiFi close to the bridge on the north side of Pak Lai.
  7. Changnoi1

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