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Discussion in 'Laos Road Trip Reports' started by guichard, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. guichard

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    Hello everyone,
    From Paklay to Kentao,back to Thailand, the trail is uninterestig,dusty with a lot of lorries.To avoid it,I intend to trie the trail to the W. on David'map through Latkhampom,Houayboua,South to Dong.Has any rider been on? Any info welcome(Tricky forks,no signs,I have no GPS but can speak and read a little Lao.) We are taking it next Nov 28th and report here then if no previous info.
    Cheers, Lung.
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  3. Auke

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    Hi Lung,

    The only ones I know who have been riding in that area are the french guys - Paul Racine and Jean Louis from the Papaya Spa in Vientiane and their friends so you could try to contact them.
  4. guichard

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    Hello Auke,
    Paul Racine is back from Greece and dropped home last week with his son and daughter.His left arm is Ok but for the right a few more months are needed before he can ride again.Nethertheless,he intends to come back to Laos this winter and will visit us in CNX as well.
    Paul has not taken this trail,he crossed the Mekong SW of Xanakham
    and rode along the Nam Heung to Namheung and then up to Paklai on the main trail.Told me it was difficult with a lot of deep sand .He offered me the Gps points.Anyway,I'll have a try and report here then.By the way, any Guest house in Xanakham? I stayed overnight there,but that was in a private house,back in 96.I remember also a good restaurant,nice family,by the mekong, still there?
    Cheers, Lung.

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