Paksan - Phonsavan update

Discussion in 'Laos Road Trip Reports' started by jimoi, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. jimoi

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    It's a mess out there and I have to say that the roads north of Phu Bia Mining and to the east are at the moment "off limits" to anyone.

    I came across a group of Aussies driving around the world in pretty heavy duty vehicles and to make the post go easier, have a look at some of the photos on the blog i ... d=file0&zw

    They turned around on the Paksan - Phonsavan road and it would have only gotten a bit worse if they proceeded. It's raining out there but it is early in the season, it will get way worse until mid 2011 when construction on this road resumes. The hydro is also having an impact as the place is soaked and the diversions are filling.

    I love mud but...
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  3. Ait

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    Hey Jim,

    What part do you mean?

    I went there 2 weeks ago and the only really muddy part i experienced was between Muang Huang to Thathom....

    From Thathom to Phonsavan was fine..
  4. jimoi

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    The worst parts are where you rode but this is about 30 km and getting more soaked. The photos on the blog are from this area. I've also had reports of 3 fairly major slides north of Thatom. I still think you can ride it but it will take a lot longer and possibly the eastern leg from Borikam would be better.

    The most important part of the post was the area around Phu Bia Mining is somewhat better to avoid at the moment.

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