Pakse - Nong Khai December 07


Nov 17, 2004
Came over the border from Laos at Pakse, no problems and easy. The Lao side took about 5 minutes and the Thai side about 10.
Chong Mek, I've crossed a few times and this time was by far the easiest.
I was 2 up on the Suzuki DR 250 with little bag weight, Dunlop 605's.

Chong Mek to Mukdahan roads:
217 - 2173 - 2134 - 2197 - 2232 - 2034 - 2034
The first bit is beautifully paved and shaded. The turn north on 2173 is not marked and we were without a map or gps so it was down to asking the locals all the way for directions, perfect.
Most of the roads are minor and we ended up getting a little sidetracked on some 4000 series roads from time to time that led back to the 2000 series. Great weather and not too hot but the roads were smokin hot and took a toll on the tire tread. As with everything Thai, fuel everywhere and many places to stop for ice cream. Road conditions varied from smooth ass paved to scar lined blacktop that had the float feel to them.

Time at border: 11:30
Time in Mukdahan: 15:30
Stops along the way: 9
KM: No idea, most likely around 230

Mukdahan – Udon Thani

2042 – 2041 – 227 – 2293 – 2023 – 2
Started out late from Udon around 10:00. 2042 and 2041 were light on traffic and good surfaces. Somdet was interesting as it had two signs for 2041 pointing different directions but Wang Sam Mo was marked on one so off we went 227 was better surface but the cut 10 – 12 km past Wang Sam Mo on 2293 was marked but the road is a big sugar cane truck passage. Lots of debris on the road and pavement was uneven from all the truck traffic. Somewhere before 2293 turned into 2393 we found ourselves well north of where we should be but did not make a turn. We ended up 15 km from Kumphawapi and the remaining section of 2023 and 2 were heavy traffic all the way to Udon and poor surfaces except for the last 10 km into Udon. Plenty of diversions on the road, silk villages, waterfalls and while we passed on it, 10 km south of the 227/2041 turn was Ph Khao Reclining Buddha. It seems the road we were on is the Jurassic Park area of Isan, lots of concrete dinos along the way looking fierce. Elevations on the 2293 were good and great vistas over the plains of Isan, not over 500 m but good vista plateaus.

Time leaving Mukdahan: 10:00
Time in Udon Thani: 16:00
Stops along the way: 12
KM: No idea, most likely around 300


Mar 5, 2006
Seen lurking near the culinary delights of Udon on Tuesday the forever debonair biker

With the delightful Mighty Quynh.

and the nut-cracker push-starting Suzi