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  1. Went along to the new Panda Rider showroom today. Wow very nice and very well stocked and good service.
    Khun Siam fixed my Schuberth helmet so its like new again.
    Interesting pice of technology I also bought. It a specific water absorbing, evaporative cooling undergarment called HyperKewl. Soak it in water for 2-3 minutes wring it out put in on and its supposed to help cool you for 6-12 hours.
    We wet it at the shop and I rode it back in Bangkok traffic going the long way around so I could get on the Ramhankeng bridge road where I could put on a bit of speed and check it out and yes it works very very well Really notice the difference, doesn't feel clammy or wet but definitely lower temps. Would be brilliant under body armour for off road stuff as well I imagine.
    At speed I could really feel the cooling affect of it.. its a vest that you wear over your t-shirt and under your jacket. Big thumbs up thus fa.
    Panda Roder shop is excellent, they even have a DIY workshop set up where you can install racks and parts that you buy...
    Khun Siam has done a good job with this and took allot of time and care to fix my helmet up to brand new ( well almost)
    The map on the Panda Rider website shows the new location, easy to find and plenty of parking... complimentary soft drinks is a nice touch as well.

    Pics here[email protected]/
  2. Thanks for the update Rob.

    Here is the map to the new location for those that would like to visit the new shop

    Will go and check it out next time stuck in Bangkok for the weekend.


    Panda Rider Co.,LTD
    81 ซ.ประเสริฐมนูกิจ17 (ลาดปลาเค้า40) ถ.ประเสริฐมนูกิจ (เกษตร-นวมินทร์)
    แขวงจรเข้บัว เขตลาดพร้าว กทม. 10230

    จุดสังเกต ร้านอยู่ที่ต่อมอที่ 78-79 เส้น ถ.ประเสริฐมนูกิจ (เกษตร-นวมินทร์) ข้างโชว์รูม HONDA เลี้ยวซ้ายเข้า ซ.ประเสริฐมนูกิจ17 เพียง 20เมตร เท่านั้น!

    Tel : 02-940-4477, 02-940-4779
    Fax : 02-940-4440
    Mobile : 08-7590-4244 , 08-5943-7555

    Open : เวลาทำการ
    จันทร์-เสาร์ = 9:30 - 20:00 น.
    Mon-Sat = 9.30 am - 8.00 pm

    อาทิตย์ = 14:00 - 19:00 น.
    Sun = 2.00 pm - 7.00 pm

    GPS : +13° 50' 20.71", +100° 36' 2.85" (GPS from
    GPS : N13° 50.330', E100° 36.052" (GPS from Garmin Zumo 660)

    BB PIN : 281B6B95
    Email : [email protected]

  3. Thanks Brian, I tried to do that but wouldnt let me. As a fiit note the vest is hanging up and still cool to touch so that is some 8 hours after wetting... Im actually looking forward to a lang ride when I can test it fully
    Here is a link to the product
  4. If you go to Panda Rider tell Khun Siam you saw it on GT-Rider.. the only site where there isn't any monkeying around
    ( note I have no affiliation with Panda Rider nor the product in any way.. just like what I read about, saw and tried it and it from first inspection looks good)

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