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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by ronwebb, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. ronwebb

    ronwebb Ol'Timer

    I was in Panda Rider Bangkok last weekend and it seemed to me that they have an excellent range of some really good kit.

    Lots of helmets, Bell, Suomy, Airoh and these nifty Schuberth



    A good selection of gloves

    other gear; jackets, trousers, wet weather gear, racing leathers etc. I bought a pair of Clover pants which have knee and hip armor for the wife and myself

    Boots too

    and what has to be one of the best brand names for a range of bike and kit cleaning fluids- 'Muc-off'. couldn't resist some of that just for the name

    Remus exhausts and BMC air filters

    Lots of other stuff too, armor, tank bags, tank protectors etc
    The shop is owned and run by Khun Siam and his lovely wife who even tried on the Clover pants for my wife, who was busy with lunch at that time.

    Check them out on or email: [email protected]
    Tel: 02 972 9385

    They will ship all over Thailand if you cant get to the shop.
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  3. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Must get down there to take a look one Day. Looks Like a Big Shop with Loads of Gear, Great Stuff.
  4. DesmoNut

    DesmoNut Active Member

    I ordered a Rev'It mesh jacket from Panda by e-mail on Monday and paid for it by direct bank transfer. Delivery to my home in rural Khon Kaen. It arrived today, Wednesday, at midday - 2 days from payment to delivery.

    The owner, K. Siam is very easy to deal with by e-mail in English and very prompt in replying unless he's away on business.

    This particular jacket was quite a bit more expensive than UK price so I could have ordered tax-free from there but postage and the level of Thai import tax would have made it much more expensive in the long run.

    On the strength of this performance, I'll definitely use them again when I want other kit.

    It'd be nice to visit the shop but I really have no need, or desire, to go to BKK so a good mail order service is fantastic.

    The website is also one of the best I've seen in Thailand.

    Pretty impressed - no, VERY impressed.
  5. Grubman

    Grubman Ol'Timer


    Great to hear that you got your revit jacket, i got mine from them as well but i droped into the shop on my way home one time and they have a great shop and very good service. I am very happy with the revit tornado jacket and pants i got there and hope that you enjoy yours, it would be nice to meet up for a ride when i am back in khon kaen in september if you would like

  6. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    I have used Muc Off in Uk and was not impressed at all , did not shift dirt or grease very well at all for an expensive product went back to using parrafin and ceap carwash .

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