Pang Mo, hwy 107 to Mae Par Khi, hwy 1346. Possible....but.

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  1. Pang Mo hwy 107 to Mae Par Khi hwy 1346 is possible......But!

    I was told there was a track from Pang Mo to Mae Par Khi , so a few days ago on the way to Mae Sai for a visa run, I thought Id try to find it.

    From the 1346 side there was so many tracks to choose from, but I kept staying on the track that seemed to have had the most traffic,
    which turned to single track, but I was stopped by a gate.
    I was still not sure if this was the right track.


    So on the way back from the visa run, I decided to come in from the other side, hwy 107.

    First few kms was a sealed road, almost like a go kart track, and great riding.
    Road soon turned into dirt track, and then to single dirt track.


    There was flat farming land surrounded by spectacular mountains.






    I came to this fence, which I wasn't going to get over. One, because I was on my own and I didn't bring any cans of spinach.
    Two, it was hot and I was hungover. And three, there was no doubt this fence was there to keep bikes out.
    So why should I bother these people when they clearly don't want anyone to go through.

    So turned around and went back. Pity, because by the GPS, I was less than two kilometers from were Id ridden , two days before.
    So close, but at the moment its not possible..... Well possible, but to do so would be intrusive and disrespectful in my view.

  2. Rex, I remember trying the exact same track with justin, we came to those fences and had to turn around. I asked the farmer why the fences were up, he replied that the fences were up to stop water buffalo from escaping while they were working the fields during the wet season. He said that in dry season the fences would be down and we would be able to continue through.Obviously as you have just found, this isnt the case. strange.

    I fear this track maybe undoable though, the great mark rossi i know has tried this track, went through the gates, and came unstuck trying to trevasse a large hill which separated him and the 1346 by no more than a kilometre.

    It seems maybe a mountain bike or horse maybe the only way to get over this. Itis infuriating though as you said, the 2 tracks either side are so close you would think they have to connect.
  3. Thanks for that info dirthonk
    I came to the conclusion that it was possible because I asked 2 farmers if the track went to Mae Par Khi and they said yes, and because I was less than 2 kms from the other direction two days earlier.
    But after reading your comments, maybe the farmers were talking about getting there on foot, (they didn't look like mountain bike or horse riding types...giddy up) and the next 2kms the track does get tricky, making riding though impossible.
    Anyway, its was a good little ride.

    Cheers Moto-Rex
  4. Great pics MR! I don't think my CZi Mini Beast could negotiate that "bridge." 555!

    Billy B

    PS-T Room hotel in CM is ok but you also get a free "concert" from the nearby disco (Mandaly?)
  5. Not that I would normally call the Honksters memory into question but was this indeed the same track we tried? Reason I ask is i don't remember the log bridge crossing but then it could be the bad influences of Honks night wanderings effecting my grey matter.

    Rex did you have this river crossing about 100-150 meters before the gate block?
  6. Gday
    Gday BignTall. There were no river crossings on the track I took that day.
  7. Well then if I did not see the log bridge and you did not see the river crossing (though its dry season now and maybe its dried up. When was your trip Rex?) then its possible we are on different tracks. Though by your description of the go Kart track like paved road off the 107 it sounds like we accessed the same area as that paved section is narrow but a hoot.

    Interesting to hear about the farmer saying a track did go through though so may warrant some more investigation.

    Rex are you in CNX now?
  8. its possible that rexy went a different way to us and avoided that river. it was quite a large volume of water so one would expect there to be a bridge in the vicinity. i recognise the pics rexy put up so pretty sure its the same track. how about another crack sometime eh?

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