Parking a D tracker for 4 months.

Steve Merchant

Dec 11, 2009
Might sound stupid but I have always had a bike for more or less daily transport so never come up against this before. I am maybe going out of Thailand for a while, perhaps 4 months and wondered what I should do with my bike. I can park it somewhere more or less dry and out the sun but is there anything else I should do. Disconnect the battery? Advice please.


May 25, 2006
Hi Friends,

I take opportunity of this topic to post a request related to more or less the same issue having to my bikes for some month in between my venues in Thailand (between 4 and 6 month, generally).

I would like to know, in such country which could be quite hot, wet and sunny what would you advise to do ?

-Tires: inflat or deflat it ?
-Battery: disconnect when not connected to a "cycle charger" such as an Optimate ?
-Motor oil: empty it or let it like that or change it for new oil before leaving ?
-Engine: oil in cylinders ?
-Air filter: ?
-Body: spray it with oil ?, wax it ? Put a cover on the bike ?
-Exhaust pipe: obstructed it ? Once I found a little snake in the chicane free Termignoni of the Ducati parked in Bangkok...

Does someone would have a brilliant idea how to keep a bike in mint condition during a long storage period ? What to do whe taking bacck the bke: adviss ?

Here s my wondr of the moment !


Sep 23, 2008
Do you have a friend who could look after it for you while you're gone? Ride it once in a while, change the oil, etc?

I have a similar problem; I'm leaving for 9 months, and I'm not sure if I'll be back. I would hate to sell the bike, but have no idea who could take care of it for me for such a long time!


Jan 6, 2008
I'd like to resurrect this thread as I too am needing to store my bike (ER6N) for 4 months.

My old carbed bike, I just drained the fuel, ran it dry, put my c tek battery charger on it , washed and polished it, sprayed all the metal with WD40 and covered it in a sheet. It was always fine.

The ER being FI, is it easy to run them dry or even recommended? No fuel tap or carb bowls. I read that you can damage the fuel pump by running it dry. Is fuel stabilizer available in Thailand? Is a full tank or a little bit better, then top off with fresh stuff when I get back?

Any other tips? I've got a paddock stand so it is a bit more stable.