Part 1 - From Vietnam

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  1. Part 1- From Vietnam March 2011

    After a purchase for $350 off a honda win seller (found out later that loads of people get them for $300 off the same seller- gutted. I got on my road with my new playmate, Flash, aptly named due to the electrics being somewhat dodgy.

    I spent 10 days driving around the Mekong Delta, I had no problems with the bike or authorities. my friend also with his bike- Disco, got stopped by the police twice, but when they realised he was a foreigner, everyone just started laughing and let him go.

    I crossed to Cambodia with just my vietnamese registered blue card (although they didn't even want to see that) with no hassles or fees.
    See Cambodia forum for part 2.
  2. I'm about to ride the mekong Delta for around 2 months starting mid-September.
    Any advice on what to see/what to avoid & any other issues would be appreciated.
  3. My wife is Polynesian, the greatest navigators of all time, they followed the stars.
    There's much to be said for it.

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