Part 3 - Through Laos

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  1. Part 3 - Through Laos June 2011 - July 2011

    Drove my bike from the Cambodian border point which I had no difficulties crossing or even questions about the bike. up through the torrential monsoon of Laos, which I found out to be not quite predictable enough, sometimes raining for days! Head north, get soaked, avoid the little roads as I hear many are flooded at this time of year. I pick up my Vietnamese visa in Vientiane but should have got it in Pakse as its cheaper and quicker! There is no consulate in Luang Prabang if you were thinking of doing so! and you can't get it at the border.

    Drive north stopping at Vang Vieng, Phonsavan and Sam Neua, I think the nicest part of the ride was from the turn off to Phonsavan, the road quality improves and the scenary is amazing, Once on the plateau the weather is kinder and very pretty scenary. The north east near Sam Neua is also nice due to it being so untouristed and remote.

    I sleep my final night in a shop at the border as my visa starts the next day, and watch the two sets of border police play a heated game of volleyball.

    Crossing the border there was no problem and all the border police are very friendly (at least in my small experience)
  2. Good to know. I'll be on those same roads (albeit the other direction) in just a few weeks now. Can't wait. :D

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