Part 4 - Back to Vietnam

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  1. Part 4 - Back to Vietnam July 2011

    After crossing back into the Vietnam at the Na Meo border crossing, Lao side- no question or hassles, Viet side- the border police had a quick one second look at the bike and wanted to see my blue card, they were very cheery and satisfied by the 'inspection' and sent me on my way.

    The road actually slightly deteriorates in Vietnam which I wasn't expecting! but still quite good, on some the the corners there are potholes and gravel that have been ground up probably by breaking trucks.

    The road is really quite fun to drive (it was for me at least) and a lovely bank manager invited me in for lunch - the best of the vietnamese. Unfortunately the petrol station guy at the border town in vietnam stole a dollar off me - the worst of the vietnamese.

    Arrive in Hanoi after dark, something i was concerned about but actually was a really good idea, the traffic isn't as manic and it was after the peak of rush hour.
    The elevated highway along the Ho Chi Min Road was beautiful and with some amazing scenary.

    And that is the end of the trip, I ended up raffling the bike and got $230, sad to lose so much on it, considering it was such a reliable bike but hey the loss was worth the good time I had.

    Can't wait for my next bike adventure.
  2. Why did you pick your bike & not, for example, a 125 Future X, a Yamaha YBR125, or a Honda Fortune 125WH-11?
  3. I don't really know about these bikes, I just went with the path of least resistance.

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