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  1. Hey folks as mentioned in another post i plan on buying a d tracker 250 upon my return to thailand now my question is, i can get most of the parts i'm after in the uk, now what are the cosequences if i get stopped in bkk and found with parts, the small parts i'm not too worried about, ie mini indicators tail tidy etc but what if i buy a pipe, just be a slip on type, i would take it out of original packaging etc whats your thoughts??

    Also if i decide to order from say the states to get delivered to my address in thailand whats the process as i have never done this before in thailand,, is it along the lines of the uk,, order parts, parts get shipped to thailand, i get letter, go to local post office pay whatever charges and get goods???

    Also how long does it usually take to get parts from the states if any of you have done this before??

    any help appreciated..


  2. You will more than likely get it though in your suitcase, i have taken stuff for hotwater systems and other things i wanted but could not get in Thailand for our house ... no problem 'but you never know worst that could happen they will make you pay tax on them. As For your questions about ordering online or mail there are lots of threads about this and answers vary from no problem to paying tax. Ian has told me the aftermarket pipes are just as good there as i was thinking of getting a brown brothers Big Gun he tried one and it fell apart after a while so he went the Thai copy working well he says.
    So most of what you are asking has been answered in threads look and you will find.

    cheers Brad.
  3. If You are going to get a Real Exhaust I would recommend the FMF Complete System with the Mega Bomb Header. They make copies up here in Chiang Mai which are great. My Friend has the original so We have compared them and can't see any performance difference? I have Tried the Slip On's, Original Two Brothers (which is Rubbish ) And a Copy FMF and besides making More Noise there is little difference from the stock Pipe! The Header makes the Biggest difference. You will probably have to get a CO2 sensor put on the Pipe here as they don't have the Injected Bike in the US last I heard? Another performance aid is change the Air Box Snorkle for one from a Kawasaki Boss 175. This is nearly twice the size of the original Snorkle!!! You can Hear and Feel the difference! Plus of Course get a Performance ECU. That's all You need to do and that's about all You will get out of a Standard 250 Engine.
    So to Recap: Performance ECU. Full Exhaust System. Bigger Air Box Snorkle. Good Luck.
  4. Echoing what others have said- hand carry has always worked well for me, but then again, customs has never stopped me at the airport. IF they stop you they might ask you to pay duty on whatever you're carrying. TiT, everything is negotiable ;)

    Sending from abroad is always an option, but be prepared to pay 30-35% duty on declared or assessed value. Avoid priviate couriers such as FedEx, DHL and UPS as they often charge max duty or more plus rather outrageous "handling fees", "processing fees", "storage fees", etc etc.
  5. hey guys thanks for the input all great advice, Ian a few questions if i may

    1. are the copy pipes really as good and if so are they easily available and do they come with the o2 sensor attachment? dont mind getting a copy one if there just as good, also what sort of price are they for a full system??
    2. is the performance ECU worth the extra cash over just doing the wire mod and are they available off the shelf or do they need to be ordered?
    3. the snorkel, can these be ordered from a kwaker dealer as i've never heard of a boss 175 here in the uk.

    i was planning a trip to chaing mai next time over with the gf so wouldnt mind just getting exhaust etc while there if there available as it would save me bringing a suitcase which i never usually do, usually just hand luggage as i already have everything i need in thailand already, also any pointers on where to get them would be great,, maybe even a possible meet for someone to show me around a bit as in my 7 years of coming to thailand i've still never been to chaing mai!!!, plus be a good excuse to get away from the gf for a day if i tell her i'm away trawling motorbike shops 555..

    thanks again

  6. Hi Rudi,
    The Latest Pipes I have seen Made are Really Good Looking. Better than My own one. The Guy has His shop only a few kms from the X-Centre in Mae Rim. "Homemoto" it is called. He makes loads of Pipes for all sorts of Bikes, KSR, KLX etc etc. The Complete System for a KLX/D-Tracker 250 costs around 5000 to 5500 Baht. It has the Sensor Fitted. Normally He wants Your Bike to make sure it all fits correctly but if You come without it We can use one of My KLX to fit it to?
    The Kawasaki 175 Boss is a Small single Cylinder Chopper style bike like the Honda Phantom. The Snorkle can be ordered direct from the Kawasaki Dealer. There is another one that also fits I think off the KDX300? The Boss is the easiest to get! Anyway just let us know when You are coming and I am sure some of the Local Guys will be happy to meet up?
  7. hey Ian,, thanks again, looks like i'll just hold off until i get there and buy a pipe from your man, i wont be coming on the bike as it'll be a family affair more than likely so will be coming up in the car so the loan of one of your klx's to test fit the pipe would be excellent mate and i really appreciate it, hoping to be back in thailand for august at the latest if not before so i'll be in touch when i'm planning on coming up your way,, thanks again mate and look forward to meeting you and hopefully some other members..

  8. No Worries, See You here in Chiang Mai! I am sure You will meet up with a Bunch of the Local Guys!
  9. I think the best thing about the D Tracker/KLX (and CRF-L?) is the fact you can get pretty much everything you want right in Thailand so it makes no sense buying them abroad to bring in. Bikes that aren't available I would carry it in as much as you can as the best option. Shipping from the USA, USPS is the best, never had a problem but you do pay duty. Fedex, UPS, you pay duty ++ and even never see your stuff!

    Also with locally made stuff, you can have it repaired/replaced easily.
  10. yep cheers again guys,

    bung, yeah mate the more research i do the more i'm finding out that pretty much everything i'm after for it should be easy enough to source in thailand, my main problem being that in sakon nakhon there isnt much about and most parts would either have to be ordered from bkk or as i plan to do take a trip to chaing mai and meet up with a few lads who can point me in the right direction..

    Ian, i'm toying with the idea of coming up on the bike, the rest of the crowd can drive up in the car which would be gf, sprog and granny but not sure if the gf will go for this as her driving is sketchy at best so we'll see, but coming up on the bike is my first option so that way i can hopefully get out for a blast with you guys,, i can almost here the nagging now, it'll be along the lines of,, we come here for holiday and all you want to do is go play on motorbike... 5555555

    oh well she will settle down with a self confessed bike nut...

    take it easy all and hope to see some of you soon..

  11. I have brought mountains of stuff through Airport customs. Bike Parts, 2 bicycle Boxes with new bikes in them, and all sorts of other extra "Gear". No drama.
  12. Slash that would be great, still to meet any bikers up my way although I'm sure there are some so it would be great to meet up with yourself and Jim when your next through....
  13. I am trying to locate the boss 175 snorkle. I asked the kawasaki dealer (in pattaya)and gave them the part number with no luck..any help would be appreciated...
  14. I also had problems and even had the picture printed that is somewhere on this forum Posted by Ian ,but they couldn't be bothered to ring Bangkok,or there were no more in stock and they new that.
    Try the smaller Mityon shop down near the traffic lights on Pattaya Tai 3rd road,that was the original Kawa location,and they still sell Kawa bikes there I think.
    Failing that Bangkok,they are the main parts branch .

    Good luck.

    As a foot note I have not noticed any difference with the bigger boss snork versuses standard size.
  15. Unless you use a performance ECU or use a 02 sensor eliminator plug (will trick your ECU into delivering full fuel richness), then i'm sorry to say adding a bigger snorkel will only add more air to your AFR (air fuel ratio) which will make your bike run lean!! Lean = same or less power.

    02 sensor eliminator (02 simulator plug) below. PLUS as a bonus with the plug you don't need to get a 02 sensor bung welded to an imported exhaust.

  16. Thanks for the info. I did order one from the shop on 3rd rd and soi lenkee. It should be in tomorrow....

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