Party coming up


Dec 2, 2006
This was originally posted another thread but I have transferred it here for more to see.

On the 21st of Jan our hill-tribe village is having a 3 day party. the original thread is [email protected]
(sorry to keep moving it around)

Miss Lisu hill tribe, football matches (lets try to get a team up of Ferang), beer tents and more. The party is at 'Ban Mai' village about 1000 meters above sea level near Soppong (Pangmapha).

There will not be many (if any) westerners coming as it is not advertised anywhere but trust me on this it is usually 3 days of hill tribe Mayhem and madness. Accommodation is available at either our lodge farther up the mountain from 'Ban Mai' or farther down the mountain in soppong either in Soppong River Inn or Lemon hill guest house plus more.

Anyone that wants to come with dirt bikes I can show some trails to die for providing I can get away from the party. If not some of my army/police mates will relish the idea of guiding a few ferang.

I am also trying to arrange a western band to play at our lodge and at the festival so should be a good time.

More info? Check this thread for details on possible changes or mail me.

Hope to see a few GT riders joining in the party.




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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
This is Lisu New Year, it coincides with Chinese New Year.
It is an awesome event with the Lisu in full costume. The women are stunning & there's loads of corn whisky to ensure both brilliant & amusing photos.
Take a look at ... rms=phuket
for some pics & Lisu new year report from Pang Mapha a couple of years ago.

Good on you Andy. I hope you get a few GT Riders out there for the event.
Not yet sure where I will be, as I hoping to be in Wawi / Doi Chang for it this year.

If you do get that western band to play out there, make sure you keep the Sang Som hidden as I suspect they are extremely partial to the odd drop.


Dec 2, 2006
David yes you are right about it being Lisu New Year but this is not the same. Lisu New Year is Feb 18th! This is a special event that happens every year with 3-4 villages. The Lisus love to party and usually have an event before Lisu new year just to warm up and to be honest its more fun.

Just been told through the event has changed locations and will be at Nam Rin village outside Soppong.

I have been way and just returned today so will be going up the mountain to talk to the head man to get more info. It's suppose to start tomorrow (21st)