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Discussion in 'New Members' started by niquedouille, Dec 22, 2014.

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    my name is Jean-Baptiste, I'm currently doing a road trip from France, hopefully around the world. I started 7 months ago and rode trought Turkey, Iran, central Asia, Russia, Mongolia, then flew to Bangkok. For the past fews weeks, I've been travelling in Cambodia and Lao, where I am now. I will continue north of Lao and north of Thailand in January, before coming back down to Phnom Penh, where I can store the bike while returning home from feb to mai (work).

    I intend to continue my trip in Australia, New Zealand and then American continent, starting in Chili. I've registered on your forum, following an advice from a fellow traveller Juri, who just ended his trip from Germany to Thailand on a XR650R few days ago. I have two options to continu my trip, either shipping the bike to New Zealand and skip Australia with the bike, or sell it here and buy a new one in Australia where I'll be able to prepare it for adventure riding ! I will start a new thread to talk about that option with you, and keep reading the forum, it's an amazing source of information for riding over here ! Thank you all !

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    Not sure if you are aware of it but there will be a HUBB - Horizons Unlimited Meeting in Thailand and it might be interesting for you to share experience with other RTW riders. The meeting will be held in Chiangmai from 9-11 January 2014 - more info here:

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