Passport or Thai ID card needed for Service at Kawasaki Rama 9

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by brian_bkk, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Last Friday before work I rocked up at Rama 9.
    The KLX needs another service after that epic Chiang Mai to Bangkok - The long dirty way down, ride.

    Pull in and the guard said they are closed for Chinese New Year..
    Not wanting to mess around.. I park the bike at the service centre, pass the keys to the guard and take off by motorbike taxi to the office.

    Today I call up to make sure they know what I need doing…

    "Sorry Mr Brian.. We need a copy of your passport.. Thai must show ID card too".
    Luckily I had my passport in the office and took a photo of the ID page and emailed it over.

    This is a new rule as of Jan 1st from Kawasaki.

    Next time I will try and show my licence and see if that will do.. It does at the airport.. so SHOULD suffice for a bike service.

  2. New laws for tax - every receipt needs some ID or company rego. The government needs your money.
  3. Your Thai DL has your passport number on it and is legal ID in the Kingdom. Should certainly work for Kawasaki!
  4. Sounds ridiculous and will check this out around pattaya and ask a few Thais
  5. It is true at Rama 9.. Not sure how hard the dealers will enforce this :->
    I know them well at Rama 9. They apologised..
    Couldn't touch my bike until I sent in a copy of my passport

  6. I just serviced my bike at Real Motor a few weeks ago, they did not ask me for ID.

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