Pastrana Video

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  1. The Master at play.... :shock:
  2. 555555555555555555555555555555555555

    That was cool, really nice and funny
  3. More amazing skills (and great background music too)

    2.8 million views in 10 Days!!!

    Group is Band of Horses
  4. I was about to post this, this is totally sick.... I honestly had no idea this stuff was possible on a bike.

    This is totally OT but ... would you simply throw yourself out of an airplane, half-naked and without parachute? Mr. Pastrana just did....
  5. WoW,, that was amazing :shock: :shock:
    if some one would come and tell me that is what this lad did i would laugh, but i wont laugh now,, sooo awsome, i think i wowed about 50 times during that 5min vdo
    Well they do say Red Bull Gives you Wings but Cojones as well!! :shock:

    It looks as tho Mr Pastrana is being well and truly serviced on the way down.... :shock: :D
  7. Just wondering how much red bull paid to him to do that? :wink:

    those assistants must be really trusted guys,, i think :wink:

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