Pattaya 6 hr enduro August /December

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  1. Just came back from the last Pattaya 6 hr Enduro, and it's the best race I ever been to in TH ! Great organization, great format, great track, and they even have a monitor where you can follow the race. There will be two more races in this series August and December check out the organizers site ... php?t=1307 from time to time for latest updates. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !
  2. Peter
    Good news the event was such a success.
    Any pix of your team / the race / the brolly dollies?
    Who were the winners?
  3. Thanks Mark for that encouragement, before I start my story, let me mention that your team won the event laps ahead of everybody else.

    So here the story how the boy's from the deep jungle went to to Pattaya:
    Bike 1 broke down in the first minutes of training Saturday with cylinder head dammage that was beyond repair. Bike 2 broke it's front steering stem 10 minutes into the race. We dismounted the front end from bike 1, and drove into the jungle and exchanged the complete front end right there in the sandpit where it had broken down. One hour later we had it together again. After only 10 minutes of penalty stop in the pit lane we were allowed to continue, first very carefully with only bike 3 still running and loosing power, and then with bike 2 and it's exchanged front end.
    Then bike 3 decided to throw off it's chain, but another excursion into the jungle, and our pit crew had saved this one also.
    At this point we were 5th and last and 2 rounds+ behind the next team. But then the other teams started to have problems also, and we managed to "inherit" 4th place. Hour 5 we were just a few minutes behind the team
    in 3rd place, and decided to go all out. And yes, 3rd place rider came into sight and our youngest driver manged to overtake him. Then with 20 minutes left the long wait started, both remaining bikes were clearly not in good shape anymore. But they held up untill the finish line and 3rd place was ours. - To our great amazement !
    Can't hardly wait for the next race where we'll be back with much improved bikes and especially suspensions.
    My company sponsored the event also and it was also a great sucess for our business, we sold a lot of our hammocks and made interesting contacts.
  4. Peter
    Brilliant stuff pulling off third. Any chance of some photos of your team & some of the action.

    Mark, same for you - any photos to share? Especially since you won by a country mile.
  5. And here the dates for the next 2 races:
    16/17 August 2008
    6/7 December 2008

    More international teams have promised to participate, in those next races, amongst them a KTM team from Austria.
    I think this is the future of Enduro racing in Thailand, as it is clearly getting more difficult to stage "normal" Enduro's through the jungle.
    E.g.For the first time in many years we will not organize the "Pai Enduro" competition due to resistance from authorities, and landowners.
  6. Hats off to you guys Happy Feet for the the win and Peter with the Boys from Pai pulling off third.

    I love the ingenuity of getting the chicken chaser bikes sorted for the competition. Last time I talked to Peter in Pai the motors were belting out some serious power. Good luck in developing the suspension. Its gotta be great to reel in the motocross bikes eh?
  7. Justin,
    I love your Little Bouncing Boob Image everytime i see it i get a Laugh even Long and Kung had a Good Laugh at it!!! :lol: ( You will be back for the Real Thing Soon ) By the way looks like Luke is Streaking Past everyone in the Purchase of Performance Bikes so you will have to Dig into the Pocket on your Return to catch up!!! I will be selling the Raid and replacing it also but not till after the Motorshow. Want to see if we get any other Options before i choose?
    And back to the Subject of this Post: Well Done Mark and your Team for the Win and Congratulations to Peter and His Team for doing so well on a Tight Budget and after so much trouble. Good on you!!! :wink:
  8. Some pix of bouncing bikes & winners



  9. Well done to both teams and good to see Peter giving those Thai guys the opportunity to take part in such an event. Anyway could you tell us a bit more about the race.How long was the long did it take to do a lap...and what was the track like.. and was there much of a turnout in the VIP's.. and how many bikes were out at the same time? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for all the info Happy Feet. The event sounds great and I think a 7 Km loop would be good for the riders and for the spectators. What about the start? Does everyone start at the same time?
  11. This question is probably addressed to Mark Rossi and Peter Pai. Do you think there is any chance that a similar event or events will ever be held in the Chiangmai area, maybe even as part of the same series? It would be great to see the whole range of riders and machines up here.
  12. Jon, if anybody has the budget and the energy to organize this event in Thailand I know the organizer would be open to the idea. But I agree with Mark it probably won't happen.

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