Pattaya Africa Twin

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  1. Two weeks ago, in a Pattaya Bike Shop, I spotted for sale an almost 'mint condition' 2001 Africa Twin with 29K Km on the clock and a (reportedly) legit plate and book. What I couldnt believe was the price asked.

    How much would a bike of this calibre be worth in Thailand and did I miss the bargain of a lifetime?

    I plan to 'retire' to LOS shortly and wish I had bought the bike in advance, however not having anywhere to keep it and no idea when I could pick it up, I gave it a miss.

    I have pics if anyone is interested.

    Cheers, MH
  2. Well now I know I missed a real bargain at 150K THB !!! They did have two and the other was older, much rougher and going for more too. The one I saw was almost mint condition, with full history, one owner etc.

    Cheers, MH

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