Pattaya Burapa Bike Week 2009

Discussion in 'Festivals & Events - S.E. Asia' started by Jim Reindeer, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Jim Reindeer

    Jim Reindeer Member

    :D Welcome to Burapa Pattaya Bike week event Soi Chaiyapruk next weekend everybody. It is very fine and great event.

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  3. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    Looks like quite a few of you are coming.

    Great news and look forward to seeing you all.

    Jerry will give you a call. Should we set date, time, location now?
  4. Rustic Charm

    Rustic Charm Ol'Timer

    Posts 1-14 in this thread refer to the 2008 Bike Week. Probably worth starting a new thread but maybe a little late.
  5. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    We'll see you all there!

    Riding from Bangkok Friday afternoon via the 304 to Chachoengsao, meeting up with the Friend Highway Club in Chonburi.

    Happy Trails!
  6. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    Any out of area GT-ers need a _free_ room during Burapha Bke week?

    I've a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo...and use the 2nd bdrm only to store a few things.
    The 2nd bdrm has a full bed, bathroom and A/C.
    I'm located in South Pattaya, just off of Sukhumvit and not far from the event.

    PM me...with your mobile # and I'll call w/ directions.
  7. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Jay (CDRW) again just like Ray23, you are showing that you are a true biker !!! Many thanks for your generosity in offering fellow bikers who are not so fortunate with money, a free bed !!! Your generosity last time shown for the CNX trip shames many others !!!
    Did you sell the Djebel already ?? What about the new ER6N did you do a test ride already ??

    As things progress in CNX I cannot come this time but wish all of you a good time at this years Burapha Bike week !!!
    Cheers, Franz
  8. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    Not sold the Djebel nor really advertised it being for sale. Possibly, I may not sell it, as the shop I'd likely would get another bike from will not be making his annual buying trip to Japan, due to the strong Japanese Yen. I'll just have to wait to buy a bigger bike, or maybe get one from shipped from Aussieland (with their weak $) but I'd probably be killed by the Thai duty and reg fees.'s a road bike, hence limits one's horizons...I want something dirt capable! :D

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