Pattaya Enduro And A New Bike..

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    G'day All,
    Started off with a heavy cold and headache Friday. Back home and slept.. Stuffing myself with vitamins.

    Still didn't feel great Saturday. Nothing like a shot of adrenaline to cure the common cold. Welcome TE 300.

    What a ripper weekend.

    First pick up my Husky TE 300... Arranged for this to be done via Dirt Worx.






    The previous weekend.. Part of my decision making process was to ride Leif's TE 300.
    WoW.. What a bike.. Leif enjoyed hearing the mighty KTM 450 growl as we swapped bikes.

    All done and dusted a few of us go and meet up for a couple hours bush whacking at the back of the lake.

    Conditions for riding in Pattaya are perfect in the rainy season..

    All the sand is nice and firm, not wading through 1 ft of sand and dust.

    But of course.. A storm is moving in as we set off.. But we continue and ride through the rain...

    Coming back.. Leif decided to check the submarine features of the TE300...

    I can't find that section in my owners manual..

    Then it was time to kneel and pray to the Goddess " Over the Handle Bars at great speed "


    Leif was fine.. Some what sore the next day.. So unfortunately we were missing our Sunday Stuntman..
    Leif was seen in Pattaya Central looking for submersible gear for the rainy season rides.


    Oh wait.. There was one other stuntman this day.


    Finished off at Happy Days 2...
    Great couple of hours blast..


    Then Sunday.. 7 am start.. and we hit the trails with more of the guys..
    The rains have set in and it is very green and over grown everywhere..



    ops. wet tree roots, soil and steep :)


    Taking in the view.


    We ended up riding 107 km..
    The TE 300 is thirsty.. but we were not hanging around..
    13 litres for 107 km !!


    What a bike.. The handling is just amazing..
    Then you get to the power.. wow.. when it hits the power band.. Screaming.. LET ME GO.....

    An excellent bike and so so so much fun..
    We covered Sand, ruts, rocks, mud creeks, steep, steep technical with tree roots and wet..

    No worries. Very happy Chappy.. still grinning from ear to ear..

    Now to practice more on working the clutch to get the most out of this baby..


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  2. Excellent! What a way to Christen a Bike!!! Do You have to Pre-Mix or does it have a Separate Oil Tank?
  3. That's certainly a hot bike you have now - should be many hours & kms of powering on.
    BTW how many bikes have you had in the last 3 years?
  4. @bungy
    Pre mix. The oil thing is the only downside.

    6 bikes now.
    Ninja 650 for sale at piston shop chiang mai.
    Klx 300 for sale and registered in pattaya.

    Keeping the versys for the odd road trip, klx with Ohlins and big tank for Lao and kanchanburi. Ktm 450 will see in a few months if I move it in.


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