Pattaya - Khao Yai - Pak Chong January 2016

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  1. took the 331 - 304 - 319 - 3077 khao yai park road. entrance i think 400baht plus 20 baht for the bike - 2090 into pak chong. park road was nice. relaxing with no trucks. unfortunately no elephants except their highly visible droppings. not much wildlife to see. the museum was a surprise find. lots of childhood memories.

    12548982_10153352221760098_54081887828511526_n. 12573127_10153352221755098_1383797948600754384_n. 9550_10153352221750098_4199767876899937674_n. 1936556_10153353647495098_4705506494847071022_n. 12226917_10153353646060098_7715332277947578064_n. 12510295_10153355607835098_8851350262606842551_n. 12439551_10153353647485098_1874949752561884475_n.
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