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  1. I'm in Pattaya now for a few days and looking for a full face roadbike helmet and offroad gloves, both large size.
    Can anyone recommend a shop/s in Pattaya.
    (Too lazy to go to Paddock etc in Bangkok if I can avoid it)
  2. not much choice here , wranglers have a few bits, siam racing but I dont think they will remain open much longer.
  3. thanks
    where are wranglers situated ?
  4. Bill,

    Wranglers is behind Big C at Sukumvit. Siam Racing is still open and I don}t know about closing downs but it is situated on Sukumvit near the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital opposite Mini Siam. Anyhow they only have Thai helmets at a premium price.Japaneese helmets are difficult to find in Pattaya. Mx gloves in a wide selection can be found at Siam Off road on Siam Country Club. It is a very special shop so it is worth a visit. It is a little difficult to find but follow Siam Country Club road pass the butterfly Bar signs and you will see a new big house with a very clean offroad shop in the floor level.

  5. thanks Hiko
    I checked out all the places mentioned.
    SOM had the best range
    Siam racing low on stock it seems but can order stuff

    The camping shop at Big C complex 2nd road has some givi gloves and other offroad style gloves ~800baht . They look OK but are a bit flimsy.

    XL or XXL size full face helmets in Pattaya, forget it.

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