Pattaya to Bangkok

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  1. What is the shortest route to travel from Pattaya to Bangkok with a motorbike? I understand that certain roads/expressway around Bangkok des not allow bikes to get on.

    I am looking at route 34, but not too sure if it is passable for motorbikes. Any advises is much appreciated.
  2. You have 2 choices , the quickest but nastiest is Route 3 Sukumvit Bagna Trat road to Chonburi and Pattaya .

    A nicer route is Minburi, chacheongsao, ,Phanat Nikom, 331 to Bo,win and then Pattaya longer but scenic and calmer.

  3. Oh ok... that route to Minburi and Chacheongsao is 304 I think.
    Just to sum up, Route 304 and Route 3 is accessible for motorbikes travelling from Pattaya to Bangkok while Route 7 and Route 34 is not accessible.


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